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History of KKRH

An abbreviation invented during the times of hard work and patience tests. The founder is a girl (me) who developed this while working in an offshore development center of an IT firm during her early days of joining. It was invented in the legendary year 2003. And became an immediate success among a group of people. It is an abbreviation made in Hindi language, saves a lot of time and energy of the poor souls who could not get time to talk to their friends. It has come as an immediate rescue to the ppl who coz of their negligence ignored their friends and dint know how to cover up for that! It was quite interesting to start a conversation then in a good healthy way by sending a simple "KKRH", as the first response u'd get is "Wazzat???". Now to know the answer it is as simple as "How do you do?"..
KKRH -----> Kya Kar Rahe Ho? :) - Means What are you doing??