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Lover's moon

I look at the night sky And I feel you are near You linger beside my love in moon rising and I dare.... To listen to my heart and desires that are there In the silence and shadows feel you near in love.... I gaze to the full moon rising as gently you appear... Then sink, into the depths of loving eyes then I hold you so close... And the magic of dreamer's touch is alive now to feel.... Your love in one breathless kiss i'm alive.... One night to meet in the shore of one true love... Is more than my heart could ever dream I'm in love.... Strength of the vortex drags me down to the ground... But I am saved once again once again touched by tour love.... Spiraling in our love now we cling to our time... And the moment that was yours and mine still shines... One night to meet on the shores of one true love... Is more than my heart could ever dream...I'm in love, I'm alive... And my heart cries out please Please still let the dreamer dream?... But I'm alone once again in the dawn sun rises... And the moo…