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My fortune and my nostalgia - FINAL Part

The "Practicals" session so called for me began in no time, when we - a group of thirteen people were directed towards a classroom. We all proceeded inside and the first thing I noticed, was the typical semi-circular arrangement of chairs around the desks (the way I used to visualize while reading GDs sessions in CSR). There was a lady (rather strict looking) seated behind the teacher's desk, just in front of those chairs, looking and observing each of us. We took our positions and I was sitting at the left most seat of the whole arrangement.
I was really having difficulty breathing that time, because of what I dunno. I had no idea what topic was going to be given to us and everyone except me as I thought was looking very confident to me... (It usually happens when u are panicking in such situations.) Anyways! I simply programmed my mind to stay cool, worst that could happen was that I'd not speak anything. Big deal! I can go back and continue my studies - there was n…