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Can I?..... I can!

What can a person do after going through a regular monotony of things he never thought he would do, but somehow because of some unknown reasons – had been doing them since so long, that they have actually become his life?

What would happen if he just snaps off from those things, without knowing what would be the outcome? Where would he go? Would he be able to do anything else that would give him pleasure and prosperity? What if in the due course of time he had actually forgotten what he really wanted to have and now even if he wants to do that – the time can’t be reversed?

These thoughts had been going into my mind since God-knows-when, but yes somehow unconsciously they were there, roaming around, browsing through my brain, wandering like an unwanted beetle, alone, different, somehow nasty from the rest of the crowd of thoughts.

Yesterday, before going to sleep, I closed my eyes, asked the divine (God, subconscious, higher self or any other nomenclature you want to give? – Please feel f…

Random..(Just to begin with, after so long break!! )

It has already been two months now, since I'd left New York. Can't believe its the same time I wrote my last post here.

Time has been on a crunch state after coming back to India, with loads of things to bother about, that has included me searching for a decent project (have got one to just pass around with; for a few months of bond period I have), cooking (loads and loads of!!...phew) and washing clothes on a daily basis!! : (I hate it!).

And its been months since i'd gone for a long walk in the woods; with music blaring in my ears, gentle tickling breeze blowing around my hair - (How much I miss those walks now! :( )
Anyways, life goes on and at present I've found my solace with the stars and the moon. It is a bliss to spend hours at night just staring at the stars (not much you can see in the city of Bangalore though!) and the sky (which is much neonish than the pitch darkness it is supposed to have).

I wonder sometimes how much mystery does the space outside and inside…