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Re: Heart – Dead and Beating at the same time?

I never thought I could get a more than a practical answer to this question of mine so soon. Life can be stranger than the ideas we get, and certainly weirder than this blog of mine.
All my hypothesis, experiences, conclusions about myself have been somehow tied around …handcuffed and asked to stand guiltily, heads down…at a corner for the first time; broken with smashes … while the miracle of life welcomes me with open arms…even though its like a short lived fairy tale dream of mine…
The first culprit, guilty of all charges:
“I don’t feel anything…Not in people’s world”
“I don’t feel anything…Not in people’s world” – except for the ones right for me…how could anyone know, when and where can you find them? Life sometimes just sends them to you as surprise gifts. Second culprit:
“But where is the affinity? Why can’t someone’s voice make me feel that? - Or Someone’s song? - Or Someone’s talks? - Or Someone’s company for my walk? (Makes me rather uncomfortable!) - Or my friends besides me…