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Trying my hands on internet marketing.. :D

I know no one is gonna buy this book, but still at least for my sake click on the link and see the stuff there. It might prove to be helpful to someone.... (Who knows!)
So here goes my first ad post. (For trial!)
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(P.S.: Please post your comments no matter you read it or not. This whole activity is purely for fun... :-) I'd really appreciate it a lot.)

Patthar sulag rahe they

After much long time I'd been listening to one of my fav gazalz ..."Patthar sulag rahe they"
...Some of my all time fav lines from it-:

Patton ke tootne ki sadaa ghut ke reh gayi
jungle mein door door takk hawaa ka pataa na tha

parchaaiyon ke sheher ki tanhaaiyaan na pooch
apna shareek-e-gham koi apne siwa na tha

Love as I see....

Love - a hail; a vitreous silica, purity intense; firm like a stone, too soon it melts; and then its gone.. Love - an ice berg; magnificent in itself, hiding more; exhibiting less, floats in its serenity; for the eternity.... Love - a storm; shatters the dreams though pleases the one, who takes the blaze.. A need above all, that needs nothing at all, except for the lover's face, to live, to survive, to breathe, to smile and then to go above this life's maze... One crosses the purgatory here, whats left now to purify? Love - a heaven , it doesn't matter whether you live or die..