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A small book

Hello people,
Just now got done with the first mini-ebook of my own - "A simple life of miracles". Its just an 11 page ebook, stating some of my experiences, ideas, thoughts and analogies. Two of the experiences mentioned in the book have already been enlisted here in my blog.The book does not hold all of the magnificent experiences I've had till now. It just describes a few and gives a general idea.
Click here to download the book
I hope you enjoy it. Consider it as my new year gift to you. Have a wonderful, prosperous and magical year 2010 ahead.
Blessings to all, Kimi

My past life diagnosis

I was just browsing through the channels on TV (for a change), not knowing what to see and I landed on this program - "Raaz pichle janam ka" being aired on NDTV imagine. I don't know how much authentic or fake the show is.
But it sure did intrigue me to this unknown realm of our journey. I have no particular notions or beliefs about rebirth and all. Still, out of curiosity I played a junk game that gives past life analysis (obviously this one was fake for sure!) and I got this:
"Your past life diagnosis: I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Sumatra around the year 1675. Your profession was that of a seaman, cook or carpenter.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
As a natural talent in psychology, you knew how to use your opportunities. Cold-blooded and calm in any situation.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnatio…

My earliest manifestation as I remember

Since I have so much free time today, sitting at my home , doing nothing except for reading a book “Spiritual Marketing” by Joe Vitale and just relaxing with the beautiful music in the background, I thought I can as well enrich my this beautiful blog with my earliest memory of manifesting my desires. So here it goes:

"Ever wondered from where does the story – “Alladin and his magic lamp” got generated? Ever wondered why kids have a knack to attain almost everything to themselves whenever they want, no matter the thing is available at that moment to them or not.

I’d like to share a very interesting experience of my own in this regard.

I was just five year old when I got a very weird fascination to the piano keys and its music. I absolutely adored the way piano is being played and the music that would come from it just used to touch my soul. I first saw the piano at my school and it totally drew my attention towards it. That time I didn’t even know what the instrument was called.

I wa…

Thoughts and life...

Power of thoughts: After giving much thought to this topic and its implementations in my life, I finally decided to start expressing my ideas here with a real live example from my life.
I’ll just start with the recent last one that I can remember vividly.
“January 2009 – I’d come back from New York, back to India, not in a good state of mind, thoroughly exhausted with the kind of work I’d been doing since past 5 years. It was same, it was stagnant, I hated the work culture- I was being in and I had no friends. I saw no aim in my life, the work was getting over my nerves and I desperately wanted to quit my job, go back home for a few months or so just to relax. Later on I thought I’d join some elementary school there in my hometown and become a teacher. But obviously it was a much forbidden dream for me to make true especially in the times of recession, with my employer’s bond of Rs.4,20,000 to serve for another 6 months and that too when my parents were searching for a decent groom for …