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Its a beautiful day...

An amazing mail I got from Davin, so sharing it here....

You hear other people say it and you've probably said it
1,000 times or more. "Life's too short."

What better reason to take each and every day and live it
out loud. Now, I hear this sentiment once in a while but
rarely is it put in such a way where the message doesn't
sound like a commercial for Mountain Dew.

What a gift life is. Another day. Wow.

Think about it. You are the sum total of all your days up
until now. Every day has gone into creating you. When you're
70, 80, 90 what a horrible shame it would be if you were to
look back and think, "I didn't do so many things I wanted to
do. I was mad or scared half the time."


Use today to get where you want to go.

Maybe you're behind your pre-determined schedule. Perhaps
you wanted to do more…

My first day of 2010...

1) Got up early and had an awesome Morning coffee with a piece of last night's dominoe's pizza in breakfast.
2) Watched TV and just relaxed till the noon
3) Had Maggie with scrambled eggs (a delicious combination) in lunch.
4) Now comes the evening - I took shower and went to the nearest ATM to take out some cash for the groceries, got distracted, took an unknown path, landed on an amazing music shop, played a beautiful piano worth Rs. 5 lakhs , got appreciation from other visitors, got an awesome treat from a very special person in my life, took another unknown path while coming back and landed on a surprisingly unknown and much cherished spot for ice creams - Corner house.
5) Had my favorite "Death by chocolate" ice cream, thanked God for these beautiful surprises and slept!!! :-)