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My gratitude list for today

My gratitude list for today

My eyes are getting strained off, watching cartoons on "Pogo", and since all that I am watching right now is senseless, am obviously more intended to having all these random things running into my mind.

It has been so long, that I am sitting aimlessly at my cosy couch, thereby giving much relaxation to my "most-of-the-times" stressed mind. I am an active member of Gratitude Log, and I certainly feel extremely great, happy and thankful whenever I go there, for writing my list of things to be grateful for, for reading what other people are grateful for, and for sending or receiving appreciations from everyone there.Today, I am grateful for:

1) Finally, getting some free time to be with myself, and for being able to post something on my this blog, which is kind of a "third home" to me.

2) For having a wonderful cup of hot tea, while writing this post.

3) For finally getting to read my favorite book "Twilight", after ages. (I might have read it today for some 134th time, since past one and a half years.)

4) For having a wonderful home to relax in. There are certain issues with this home, which I am looking forward to rectify soon.

5) For having another day ahead (Sunday) to relax and unwind myself.

~Life is good...All the time~
Life as of today...

Life as of today...

I didn't know what title should I give to this post of mine. I just wanted to write something for "myself" for a change, and hence stumbled back to my second most favorite place on internet, i.e. this blog of mine.

I started my freelancing writing career, in November 2009, and since then I have been writing, writing and writing. My whole schedule has just got 5, in fact 4 things involved in it:

1) Morning - wake up. Go to office. Work
2) Evening - come home, finish certain writing projects
3) Have my dinner
4) Sleep

Even my weekends were getting spent in doing nothing, but submitting proposals and coping up with so much work. I was handling 7 clients at a time, all alone and it was eating up all of my time for rest or enjoyment or relaxation. Even when I was not writing, I used to feel somehow stressed all the time, thinking about the deadlines etc. I was cracking up, when I came across this wonderful article I had to re-write for my client about "Getting a Balance in your Personal and Professional Life". While rewriting this article (3 times each sentence), I actually started contemplating the thought, and started asking myself this question - Why in this world am I struggling so much? This is not what I wanted..ofcourse.

And then I determined to put limitations on certain things regarding how much work should I take and how much time should I give to myself. Most of the content available online today, gives you all this repeated information about what to do to establish a business or some career as a freelancer. Seldom only any website would tell you where to make a stop. Attaining a career of a standalone freelancer professional, may be quite lucrative, and has a tendency to just make you more and more business-headed.

Self-preservation is something everyone needs. Ask yourself - When was the last instance, when you spent some time with yourself, without thinking about anything or anyone else?

~~Life is Good...All the time~~

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