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10 things to do, to overcome depression mood swings

10 things to do, to overcome depression mood swings

Whenever I am feeling blue, I feel irritated and de-motivated from life in general. All in all, I become lethargic during these times. My energy to do anything is in such low gear that it becomes barely noticeable. I feel like a zombie. Generally, I just let it go and hope it to get over as soon as possible. After all, we all have some sadist part in us and sometimes we also love an occasional pity party that accompanies generic depression and mood swings? But, beyond that time period I really get concerned, once it starts showing on my face and begins to affect my performance and other activities. I entirely acknowledge that depression could get its ugly hold on me if I don't take specific actions at right time. Continuous bad and irritable mood fluctuations can certainly lead to health problems. It does to me, many times. So, here I make a list of things I can do to my favor and seek out some healthy outlets for releasing depressive thoughts and crushing down lack-luster activities.

I came across this word today called "funk". I earlier thought it to be somewhere related to funky, but it is not. In fact it is just opposite to what "funky" means. English is really a phunny language.

Anyways, here is the definition of "funk" - lack of motivation and low energy

Now, here is my list of 10 good and easy things to do to get yourself out of the lack of motivation, in overcoming depression or what they call "funk":

1. Go for a walk - I'm not talking about going and joining a marathon here. If it is possible for you to walk around the block, or go for a round in a nearby garden to your place, you better go for it. Assure that you take in certain deep and meaningful breaths while you are outside. Inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly  helps a lot in clearing your lungs and mind, thereby ultimately helping you in overcoming depression.


2. Hug a Tree – I have mentioned this in one of my posts too. Nature heals a lot and being with the nature, trees and birds, is my favorite and most efficient way to de-stress myself. How wonderful it feels to just get away from all the worries and anxieties and get lost for a few hours near a babbling brook. If you can not find time to get away from your place for long trips or trekking, just try to walk bare foot on a lawn. It will help a lot.


3. Clean out clutter - One of the fastest and most effective ways to create new and fresh energy within you would be to clear away dull and lifeless energies. This can be done by putting away all the useless things around you. It is a great way to tell your subconscious that it is high time, you should get rid of all the unnecessary garbage and trash within yourself, thereby entirely energizing your mind, body and soul, once you get the hang of it.


4. Change the bed sheets – I love to do it, whenever I am feeling low. The feeling of lying down on soft, crisp, newly washed and color bed sheet, is one of a kind and extremely comfortable. The best would be, if you can go out and buy some nice set of colorful bed linens to make your room brighter. This even calls for the “retail therapy” to bring up your low moods. When was the last time you changed your bed sheets? Try to make it a routine to weekly change bed sheets and keep a track of it. It can be a great way to work as your mood meter. For instance, whenever you feel you are off this routine of regularly changing your bed sheets, you would know that you are slowly slipping into the” funk” territory.


5. See some funny videos – Forget about the tear-jerkers, action, dramas and romance which could be the most happening things around you at theatres, auditoriums and televisions. You need a good hearty laugh to get out of that funk. The best way is to watch you favorite comedy movie to beat the mood. If you are not very fond of long movies, you can still any time watch funny videos. Since, you are able to read this post, I believe you have some decent access to the internet. Go to www.youtube.com. On the search textbox, type “funny videos” or “funny commercials”. You will get a plethora of such videos. Some may not be funny. But, still there are certain videos which are really good and can work extremely well in helping you breaking that “funk”.

6. Experiment with a new recipe – It is usually quite boring and sometimes depressing too, to just keep on preparing and eating the same kind of meals and foods again and again, every day. Try to be a bit adventurous here and experiment with your cooking. Get some new flavors, try a new recipe. It helps a great deal in changing your mood and bringing up some spice in your life.


7. Spend quality time with your pet - Take your dog or cat, and if you don’t have any, you can still go for your neighbor's pet, out on a to some nearby park, and play throw-catch there.  Animals love to be playful and help you also enjoy a lot, thereby de-stressing you.

8. Pamper yourself – Just list down the things that bring you the most joy. It could be anything right from getting into a bubble bath, reading a novel by your favorite writer, or going out for swimming/cycling/shopping, etc. And, for your sake, try to put off that negative voice which may threaten you saying that you don't deserve it. BECAUSE YES YOU DO!

9. Volunteer at a charity service – You can try putting yourself in a position to provide service to those who are less fortunate than you are. It will give an immense sense of peace and satisfaction when you help them. You will find your own worries, less troubling when you see the firsthand the plight of others.

10. Make a day special for someone – Try to let go off your feelings, and simply stop feeling sorry for yourself. The best way to divert your mind from you is to focus on giving something good to some one else and make his/her day special. I guarantee, later, you will both feel better.
Stocks - Classification And Trading

Stocks - Classification And Trading

Stocks - Classification And Trading

(Disclaimer: This article does NOT give any insights about the trading market, or any complicated financial terms or jargons. You can refer to the relevant places for stock market information of various stock exchanges. The article is a very basic tutorial or introduction to people who simply find it difficult to understand the whole stock trading process, because of the overloaded or complex information available over the internet and books.)

The article talks about the classification of stocks and their classes. This is further followed by the explanation of the ways in which stocks are traded in markets. Read more here>>>

Why do people assume things?

Why do people assume things?

Before a man speaks it is always safe to assume that he is a fool. After he speaks, it is seldom necessary to assume it.
H. L. Mencken

I sometimes wonder why people assume things, without considering receiving anything from their senses. They can see things clearly, they can read well, they even have brains to comprehend and understand. Still, I wonder why is that they just neglect everything, which is staring on their faces and just go ahead with what they or their minds want to understand or receive? At office, my clients always assume something or other regarding the work they'd be getting from me. When I don't know something, they accuse me of setting assumptions in my mindset. I say some words of wisdom to my friends, and they interpret something else. I sometimes feel, if there is some evil soul conspiring against me or what? How can anything I said or wrote so clearly, could be understood in a completely different or opposite way? 

I remember, I had a very cool teacher in my school days and she taught me, never to assume anything, because to "assume" is to make an "a$$" of "u" and "me". I interpreted it even better as I feel it now; never to be judgmental about anything. And, then I pushed it even further and made it a motive to never expect anything from anyone.

But, being a human, I failed in my understanding again. I don't expect things, and I don't expect the "unexpected" too, and then I react, which has to be controlled. I guess I assumed again, and have to learn more.
Demands and Risks Involved with Stock Trading

Demands and Risks Involved with Stock Trading

(Disclaimer: This article does NOT give any insights about the trading market, or any complicated financial terms or jargons like Bulls and Bears,brokers, traders etc. You can refer to the relevant places for stock market information of various stock exchanges. The article is a very basic tutorial or introduction to people who simply find it difficult to understand the whole stock trading process, because of the overloaded or complex information available over the internet and books.My main motive here is to educate people who are unaware of the benefits of stock trading, or simply choose to ignore the whole business just because of the lack of proper education and overwhelming information) 

The article talks about the needs, risks and demands related to stock trading. Read more here>>>
Stock Investment - A General Overview

Stock Investment - A General Overview

(Disclaimer: This article does NOT give any insights about the trading market, or any complicated financial terms or jargons like Bulls and Bears,brokers, traders etc. You can refer to the relevant places for stock market information of various stock exchanges. The article is a very basic tutorial or introduction to people who simply find it difficult to understand the whole stock trading process, because of the overloaded or complex information available over the internet and books.My main motive here is to educate people who are unaware of the benefits of stock trading, or simply choose to ignore the whole business just because of the lack of proper education and overwhelming information) 
The article gives a basic and layman explanation to what stocks are, and what purpose do they solve. Read more here >>>
March 23: Cuddley Kitten Day

March 23: Cuddley Kitten Day

Kittens are the cutest, funniest and most wonderful tiny creatures on this Earth. Today, is the day to make them feel special about their existence and presence in your life. Snuggle up to them, pamper them and make them feel good about everything they have with you. :). If you have a kitten, I'd be delighted to share this information with you, and in return, would love to know,how you plan to celebrate this kitten special day?

Following are some of the excellent gift ideas for your lovely kitten, on this special day: 

Simple Things To Do Before You Buy A Car

Simple Things To Do Before You Buy A Car

Simple Things To Do Before You Buy A Car

The article talks about some basic checkpoints, one must do, in addition to checking the car models, features, accessories and price comparison. The article covers the keypoints from pointing out the best timings to buy a car, to the kind of research work needed, the dealership and then the car insurance Read more here >>>
Ayurvedic Healing For Physical Stress

Ayurvedic Healing For Physical Stress

This article explains and gives a brief overview on, how Ayurveda can give benefits in dealing specifically with physical stress. Ayurveda basically focuses on balancing the three essential and vital bio-energies of the human body, in order to attain a healthy body, mind and soul. The article talks about certain ways in which Ayurvedic techniques can help you in eliminating and healing physical stress.   Read More >>>

Some of the good books on Ayurveda -

An update

An update

Thank you all, so much for being with me and being so supportive all the time. Here is a small update from my side:

1) My parents and my sister are talking nicely to me, though I still don't know what they think about my decision.

2) I am hale and hearty once again!! :)

3) My office work is getting good slowly, and things are coming out of the "red zone".

4) My google adsense account got approved.

5) I am getting many projects and invitations from my clients, but I am right now choosing not to accept them. Still, it feels good to be in demand!! :D

6) I am able to write successfully for my blogs and hubpages, almost daily.

7) I am grateful to all of you, who read my posts, give appropriate comments, and support me all the time. Thank you so much!! :)

Note: This post is a reply to my earlier post, I made sometime back related to my life's incidents.
Playful Tips To Help Your Child Stay Fit And Healthy

Playful Tips To Help Your Child Stay Fit And Healthy

Playful Tips To Help Your Child Stay Fit And Healthy

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. ~Walt Streightiff
And of course, with daily scientific inventions, technologies and other alluring things, our kids and their lifestyles are getting dramatically altered. Now, playgrounds for the games like cricket or football are being replaced >>>more

7 Simple StepsTo Keep A Healthy And Balanced LifeStyle

7 Simple StepsTo Keep A Healthy And Balanced LifeStyle

Your body is the temple of your soul, mind and thoughts. It is not only advantageous to take care of our bodies, but also a duty to ascertain that it can facilitate our soul to continue reside in it for longer and happier duration. >>>more

Gemstones Healing

Gemstones Healing

Gemstones - Why we get attracted towards them?

Gemstones are basically beautiful rocks. They look appealing and quite pretty. When I was a kid, I used to get quite fascinated with these amazing rocks and I loved to explore them, dig them out from beside the river side, and hold them in my hands. I had an assortment and varied collection of various colored stones of different sizes. >>>more


Twilight – A Book, you’d never want to end

I read this book "Twilight" around 2 years back, and I simply got addicted to the whole fictional concept. Twilight is a story that blends reality and fantasy with amazing perfection. The book Twilight is written by Stephanie Meyers, and has been produced into a successful movie too, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in lead roles. 

Twilight is basically a love story in which a human girl (Isabella Swan) falls in love with an extremely handsome and attractive vampire (Edward Cullen). Twilight surpasses all the old vampire romances that have ever been written in this history of writings about vampires, because of its unique genre and interesting way in which the whole story is constructed. Even though, this book has been written and marketed for young adult readers, it has a charisma and capability to attract teenagers as well.

Twilight book is followed by a series of other three books written by Stephanie Meyer, which entail the details about the lives and problems faced by this weird couple. Twilight book has been written in first person from Isabella's (Nickname Bella is used throughout the series) perspective, so the whole story revolves around what Bella thinks, feels and acknowledges about the situations happening around her. The reader will perceive each and every aspect of the story including the mystery of Edward Cullen's family and other legendary details about vampires, from Bella's point of view.

I found the book extremely addicting and reading it really made me more and more eager to know about the mysteries of vampires involved in the story, their background, their powers and other details. The characters of the book are extremely intriguing and mystical, including Bella who is extremely shy, lacks self-confidence, has her own sarcastic opinions about the incidents and sometimes seems to be suffering from low self-esteem as well. 

The whole Twilight saga, takes you through the beautiful and unexplored terrains of Forks, making you smell the damp hair, feel the rain drops and the chillness of the whole environment surrounding it. I was particularly touched by the amazing romance of Edward and Bella, which makes me feel even sorry for both of them sometimes. The whole sequence of events, dialogues, encounters leave you absolutely speechless by the time story ends. Some people compare this book to just like any other vampire writing, or a romance of Romeo and Juliet. I particularly felt the book to be a mix of all, and contains something for every taste. It has romance, drama, fantasy, mystery and action, so anyone who likes to read, can enjoy this fiction.


Dreaming of Ghosts

Dreaming of Ghosts

I saw many weird white and black ghosts in my dream, yesterday night. It was pretty scary and unusual feeling when I woke up from the dream.

I searched a lot on internet that whether it signifies anything or not. According to my findings (I don't know how authentic, these websites and their interpretations are!), seeing a ghost in your dreams can signify something that is gone but can not be forgotten, or something, which is almost forgotten but can not be released from my thoughts. Ghosts, in dreams, also signify some shadowy worries and anxieties about life, which I might have to think, consider and resolve soon.

Apart from all this, what additional information I found was that if you see some deceased relative or known person's ghost in your dreams, it generally signifies some unresolved issues. In these cases, you need to pay certain attention towards your surroundings and environment, if there is any presence of some other characters around, and any odd aspects of the apparition, if happening. Ghost dreams can lead to various meanings, out of which two are explained below:

Interpretation based on Psychology:

The shady ghosts of your dream usually signify those aspects of our lives, which we are afraid of and dread in the darkest of our thoughts. Those aspects may not be frightening, but our fear for them makes them more dreary and intolerable. Once you start exposing these dark dreadful energies to the daylight, you will find that it is just one side of a coin that has turned into a nightmares and that is just the fear, otherwise the thing is almost unintelligible. You have to acknowledge that your psyche is constituted of many different forces and you need to accept them all in their valid formats to have balance in your life.

Dreaming of ghosts may also signify your fear for your own death. According to Sigmund Freud a ghost was a symbol of the mother.

Interpretation based on Occult:

According to the mystics, watching ghosts in dreams may signify certain dark forces and energies that reside within ourselves, and are either unknown to us, or are known but not entirely acceptable to us. However, ghosts may also consider you as a medium to convey certain messages. In these cases, most of the times we see the ghost or spirit of people we used to care about, when they were alive.

Iron Man 2 Trailer Hits YouTube

Iron Man 2 Trailer Hits YouTube

It’s here: the biggest action movie for gadget geeks, Iron Man, returns with a sequel, and you can see just how high-tech it’ll all be in the Iron Man 2 trailer, now available on YouTube.

Besides a long-haired, electric whip-wielding Mickey Rourke, the movie features more iron man suits than you could ever desire, and you get to see most of them ripped apart to shreds. Yes, this thing is destined for success. 
Check out the trailer here.

What to do when things are not working fine?

What to do when things are not working fine?

So many times it happens, that we feel someone, somewhere is conspiring against us. These are the times, when everything, everywhere seems to be going on in completely opposite direction, to what we expect them to go in. I know, I myself have preached this so many times that setting a list of things, which gives you happiness or self-content can do wonders. But, sometimes as what I feel, even I fail to read and comprehend that list, simply because mind and heart remain to be on a constant war against anything good that is happening around us, or even within us at that moment.

In that case, I simply feel that I should let it go. And, to do that, the best way is to acknowledge everything, you feel is causing you trouble. Make a complete list of such things, right from the biggest one to the most minuscule thing that is irritating you. For me, I am currently in similar state of mind so let me make the list of things I am irritated with at the moment:

1) My mom, dad and my sister still angry with me, and do not approve my decision.

2) My health is not well and I've been suffering from bad cold and fever since past 3 days now, and the most irritating thing of all is the throat congestion and pain.

3) My work at office has got delayed because of my illness. My client is not happy with what I was supposed to deliver on Friday. I am still lagging loads behind the schedule and my illness and irritation doesn't enable me to work on all that. I still need some rest.

4) I banged my head painfully on a cupboard's edge. I hope I didn't get a cut. But, ouch!!! it hurt so bad..It still hurts.

5) I trusted one of my friends and one my cousins to something really important in my life, and they both ditched me. I don't know who to trust now.

6) My Google adsense account and ebay associate account application got rejected.

7) Owing to my illness, I am looking duller and ugly. Don't want to see the mirror right now.

8) I am not able to work on my writing projects because of my illness.

9) I am not able to work on my website.

10) I don't know what to do.

Phew! Pretty long list. That's bad. I never expected myself to land in this situation. I feel it is possibly because of the lack of any kind of spiritual activity in my life since past few months. I've been constantly bombarded with so much negative energy (ok! that is the term) from everywhere that I seldom feel if this all is happening in real or is it some grim nightmare of mine.

Enough of chitchat! Now coming back to my list. I need to improve all the above points in order to know what I really want. So, here it goes:

1) My mom, dad and my sister love me the most, and they respect and lovingly accept my decision.
2) I am recovering fast, and getting back to my good health, spirit and energy.
3) I am able to finish off my work at office with success and appreciation from my clients.
4) My head injury is also recovering fast.
5) I am more careful in deciding whom to trust with what kind of information
6) My Google adsense account is in process of getting accepted very soon.
7) I look young, bright and energetic. I love to see myself in mirror!! :D
8) I am successfully able to work on all of my writing projects, to my clients' appreciation and my own job satisfaction.
9) I am able to make my website successful, profitable and quite renowned in its niche.
10) I am always in control of what am I doing and what I'd be going to do.

I feel, this list portrays much better picture of what I want from my life.

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