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A Real Story on Corporate Shamelessness

How much can a man fall down in his virtues, for his own benefits?

I won’t be telling my thoughts here. I am just going to narrate a story of a guy. This story is 100% real and based on actual facts and incidents.

Let us name our guy - Akaash. Akaash is a guy who possesses all those qualities, probably every guy would dream of having - a magnetic personality with charming smile, a perfect face, an attractive and seducing voice, confident attitude, intelligent and innovative mind, enthusiastic, handsome with amazing communication and convincing skills, friendly behavior and many additional qualities.
The only flaw he has is that he is young and inexperienced. The story begins when he was just in the final semester of his MBA in Human Resource Management and happened to get into a new start-up recruitment consultancy at Bangalore, for his on-the-job training.
Why, is this a flaw? You will come to know as the story continues.

So, Akaash went for the interview, which was taken by Maya, the…

Rani Taj's Dhol on Rihanna's 'Rude Boy'

Rihanna's Rude BoyDhol Mix by Rani Taj

This girl has become a facebook sensation lately, particularly because of this video. I was truly amazed when I saw it myself. A girl blasting a dhol with so much perfection and ease was something really rare, and new. I wonder, how she is able to hold that big dhol so long on her shoulders. I can't even hold my handbag for more than 5 minutes on one shoulder. Anyways, hats off to her talent. Way to go girl!! Keep rocking (dholing!! ) :)

Cleansing of Auras

Since past few days, I've been reading a lot about energy healing and various techniques. I used to be an active reader of such updates, but wasn't able to find much time since past couple of months.

I have read a lot about meditation, power healing, etc. In past few days, I got some material to read on "Auras". What are they and how can one be benefited from the Auras.

Well, Aura is basically each person's energy, which gets radiated from his personality on a whole and gets influenced by the energies the person takes from outside. Our auras are like magnets picking up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere we go. It is important to cleanse our auras freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies.You don't need to do any rocket science project to do that. Here are some simple and easy-to-do techniques for the same: Using your fingers as a comb, comb through the space surrounding your body from head to toe. Clean your hands with run…

A Car That Can Tweet

Well, if you thought, tweeting your updates on Twitter is the latest in social networking, then here is the next gen thing for you. Now, cars are also aiming to enter the whole tweeting business, and they can do the thing on their own. You simply have to own such a car! Read the article to know more about the car that can tweet. More Here >>>

A Car That Can Tweet | Musicouch

When the world asks you to play safe and smart

It has been a while, since I had any controversies attached to my rather peaceful life since past one year. Recently, there has been a big one. And, it is so insulting on the part of my employer, that I feel disgusted to even mention it here. So, I have simply stopped thinking about it anymore. But, this circumstance has given dimensions to some new thought process of mine. I have got many lectures from my parents and friends, about “playing it safe”. 

“What if they are unfair to you, you are not the only one suffering from their injustice.” 

“You should ignore such things, keep a safe path, don’t raise your voice against the ‘autocrates’. I understand they are wrong, but we are still doing ‘naukri’ and are their ‘naukars’. We should play safe, instead of raising voice against things; we don’t know what that would result into. Just be quiet and do what others are doing. Suffer!!”

Well, I guess, now I know why I don’t gel well with people around me. Most of the people I know, want to play…

Aman and Mullah Nasiruddin

Aman invited Mulla Nasruddin to go hunting with him, but gave him a slow horse and kept the fast one for himself. He sped away and Nasruddin lagged behind. Soon it began to rain and the Mulla was alone. He took off all his clothes and then he sat down on the pile of clothing. 

Mullah Nasir-ud-din Once the rain stopped, he wore the clothes again and reached his host's house for lunch. The host could not understand how he was wet while the Mulla was dry and asked him how this happened. Nasruddin answered, "It's because of the horse you gave me." 

The next day, the host gave the Mulla his fast horse and kept the slow one for himself. When it began raining, Nasruddin did the same thing and when the host met him, he was furious, because he was wet again and the Mulla was dry. He shouted, "It's all your fault. I got wet because you made me ride that terrible horse!"

So, often we are inclined to find fault with our workplace, our colleagues, friends, family and cl…

My second painting - With Water and Acrylic colors

I know I am no professional artist, nor I got any chance to learn art from anyone. I can only try doing things, and learn on my own - the way it has been happening since the time, I started to learn anything, without any professional support. There are flaws, which I have to rectify. But, I feel that for second one, it can't be so bad. Anyways, here is my first experiment with Acrylic and Water colors on a 420 x 594 mm sized A2 sheet. Check it out below:

My Life At Present

Here is a peep into how my life has been going on at present, which I pray to get better with every passing day, along with my fantasies and dream which may turn live into my life, soon.

On weekdays, I usually wake up at 7:00 AM (if there’s a power cut from morning 6 AM to 7 AM), otherwise I have to wake up at 6:30 AM to iron my clothes and get the water heated, otherwise there may be a power cut from 7 to 8 or 7:30 to 8:30, depending on the mood of our Bangalore’s electricity department. I also have to get water stored in bucket for bath, because the water department also does not seem to have enough water for us and keeps on cutting the supplies every now and then. I don’t know for what sake I paid around my whole one month’s salary to the Government as ‘Income Tax’. I am certainly sick of these power cuts. They have enhanced many folds, since past one year. Either the Govt. has too many projects to serve, or has been black-marketing electricity to some other more “paisawala” firms a…

The Egg or the Chicken Conundrum - Mystery unfolded finally

Well, I am glad I didn't have to find it. Obviously, it is the work of scientists to explore and find answers to such kind of questions. (As if they don't have anything else better to do.) I am sure, one of those scientists might have had an ego hurt w.r.t. this particular question, because of which he might have decided to spend his precious brain, time, and other people's money on such kind of research.

Neverthless, I am glad that the answer has been revealed and proven too now. So, there won't be any silly mysterious reference to such kind of questions any more, though it might have opened gates to some other questions and research work (sigh!..If only they could work on some productive things like using photosynthesis to generate electricity, making it usable and then commercialize it, instead of working on such kind of things).

Anyways, here is the good news - Scientists in London have claimed to have finally discovered the answer to the enigma— it's the chicken…

Life at Bangalore

It has been so long that I have rambled about anything, so I guess I deserve this leisure of writing down some thoughts here. I took an off today from office, and spent whole day sitting at home, reading blogs, applying Relispray to my aching back, doing some deep breathing exercises and thinking of starting with my painting. 

My acrylic colors have still not come to the local shop, where I asked to get some. So, I began with the normal water color cakes only. I had no idea about what I was going to make, but the end result looks quite ok to me; especially, after having painted after a gap of almost 15 years. You can see the painting here.
Life has become too weird and unpredictable since past one year. I never thought of joining back the software industry again. Well, I kept some part of this promise to myself. I am not working for a software industry. On the other hand, I am doing the same IT work for an automobile company. 

Life is usually much cooler here than what I had in IT compa…

Nature in my dreams

Water colors on drawing sheet My first painting after a break of around 15 years. I remember making my last painting when I was in 10th class. After that, I would only make sketches occasionally. Gosh! It feels so good to hold the brush once again!! :).

My Travel Destinations in past two months

I took this pic in Dehradun. The pic says - "If you sit here without ordering anything, just for your chitchat - you'd be charged 30 bucks"
I have been planning to write this, since quite a long time. But, my day-to-day chores and my personal health issues have prevented me in doing it so far. Anyways, I have tried to sum up everything, as much as I can. I could not postpone writing all this anymore, since I know I would be forgetting everything soon. And, then later I would be left only with the memories of the pictures taken in the trips. So, here is my travelogue. Read, enjoy and comment(if you feel like :) )
My Travel Destinations in Past Two Months

Dreaming of weird/imaginary creatures

Yesterday night, I dreamt of a creature that was a mixed specie of a Godzilla and a Dragon. I don't know what that signifies, just the fact that whole night I was running across many shallow rivers, and I fell a lot coz it was quite dark. I could hear people panicking and running around and somewhere in periphery I could see the creature roaring, belching enormous fire and making people shout more. The place was near some Indian spiritual and holy area. I don't remember the name. However, what I remember after waking up was lots of body pain, fatigue as if I had ran a marathon whole night and swellings around my eyes owing to the lack of any sound sleep. 
I think, now I can easily blame the stupid TV shows that come at night, and to my stupider self for watching those hopeless TV programs, just before going to sleep. Atleast, such kind of behavior should not be expected from my "enlightened" self, when I very well know about the whole business of this subconscious pro…

A Man Eats around 54 Hot-dogs in just 10 Minutes

According to the latest news, a 26-year-old man at New York ate about 54 hot dogs in just 10 minutes to win a popular annual eating competition.
It was the fourth consecutive win at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest for Joey "Jaws" Chestnut from California. He consumed nine hot dogs ahead of his closest competitor.
Chestnut claimed the blazing heat - it was 34.4 Celsius - hampered his hot-dog-eating ability. Along with winning the prized mustard yellow belt, he also won $30,000. Last year, he set a world record after wolfing down 68 hot dogs.
Nathan's July 4 contest, which takes place on Coney Island, has been held every year since 1916 - except in 1941 when it was canceled to protest the war in Europe, and in 1971 when it was canceled to protest civil unrest.
About 20 participants stand side by side along a nine-meter table, as trays laden with hot dogs are brought to them. Cheered on by hundreds of supporters, they stuff their faces with bread and sausage, sto…