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Bath Scrubs to Treat And Renew Your Body

Bath Scrubs to Treat And Renew Your Body

The article gives an overview about the bath scrubs, their usage and advantages along with the ingredients that go into them. Applying bath scrubs can be an excellent way to treat your body and rejuvenate it. The article gives some basic information about the bath scrubs and what goes into them, followed by a list of top best bath scrubs available today. Read More here >>> 

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A Blackberry Addict Discovers Grassroots Enterprise in India

A Blackberry Addict Discovers Grassroots Enterprise in India

A friend of mine sent this real story to me today morning. The story entails one of the many ground realities about how certain things work in India. People have talent, and capabilities. They just need more awareness and a chance to give more to the world and create better lives for themselves. Here, read on:

A greater ‘hole in the wall’ you cannot imagine.  A small fading sign on  the top saying “Cellphoon reapars” barely visible through the street  vendors crowding the Juhu Market in Mumbai. On my way to buy a new  Blackberry, my innate sense of adventure (foolishness) made me stop my car  and investigate. A shop not more than 6 feet by 6 feet. Grimy and uncleaned.
‘Can you fix a Blackberry ?”
‘ Of course , show me”
” How old are you”
Bulls**t. He was no more than 10. Not handing my precious blackberry to a  10 year old in unwashed and torn T shirt and pyjamas! At least if I buy a new one, they would extract the data for me. Something I have been meaning  to do for a year now.
‘What’s wrong with it ?”
‘Well, the roller track ball does not respond. It’s kind of stuck and I cannot operate it”
He grabs it from my hand and looks at it
“You should wash your hands. Many customers have same problem. Roller ball get greasy and dirty, then no working’
Look who was telling me to wash my hands. He probably has not bathed for 10 days, I leaned out to snatch my useless blackberry back.

” You come back in one hour and I fix it’
I am not leaving all my precious data in this unwashed kid’s hands for an hour. No way.
“Who will fix it ?”
‘Big brother’
‘ How big is ‘big brother?’
‘big …. Umm ..thirty’
Then suddenly big brother walks in. 30 ??? He is no more than 19.

‘What problem ?’ He says grabbing the phone from my greasy hand into his greasier hand. Obviously not trained in etiquette by an upmarket retail store manager.

‘Normal blackberry problem. I replace with original part now. You must wash your hand before you use this’. What is this about me washing my hands suddenly ??
19 year old big brother rummages through a dubious drawer full of junk and fishes out a spare roller ball packed in cheap cellophane wrapper. Original part ? I doubt it.
But by now I am in the lap of the real India and there is no escape as he fishes out a couple of screwdrivers and sets about opening my Blackberry.
“How long will this take ?”
”Six minutes ”

This I have to see. After spending the whole morning trying to find a Blackberry service centre and getting vague answers about sending the phone in for an assessment that might take a week, I settle down next to his grubby cramped work space. At least I am going to be able to watch all my stored data vanish into virtual space. People crowd around to see what’s happening. I am not breathing easy anyway. I tell myself this is an adventure and literally have to stop myself grabbing my precious Blackberry back and making a quick escape.
But in exactly six minutes this kid handed my Blackberry back. He had changed the part and cleaned and serviced the whole phone.  Taken it apart, and put it together. As I turned the phone on there was a horrific 2 minutes where the phone would not come on. I looked at him with such hostility that he stepped back.

‘You have more than thousand phone numbers ?”
‘backed up ?’
‘Must back up. I do it for you. Never open phone before backing up’
‘You tell me that now ?’

But then the phone came on and my data was still there. Everyone watching laughed and clapped. This was becoming a show. A six minute show.
I asked him how much.

‘500 rupees’ He ventured uncertainly . People around watched in glee expecting a negotiation. That’s $10 dollars as against the Rs 30,000 ($ 600)  I was about to spend on a new Blackberry or a couple of weeks without my phone. I looked suitably shocked at his ‘high price ‘ but
calmly paid him. Much to the disappointment of the expectant crowd.

‘Do you have an I-Phone ? Even the new ‘4′ one ?
‘No, why”
‘I break the code for you and load any ‘app’ or film you want. I give you 10 film on your memory stick on this one, and change every week for small fee’

I went home having discovered the true entrepreneurship that lies at what we call the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. Some may call it piracy, which of course it is, but what can you say about two uneducated and untrained brothers aged 10 and 19 that set up a ‘hole in the wall’ shop and can fix any technology that the greatest technologists in the world can throw at them.
I smiled at the future of our country. If only we could learn to harness this potential.
‘Please wash your hands before use’ were his last words to me. Now I am feeling seriously unclean.
Written by internationally-acclaimed film director Shekhar Kapoor.

Smile Please!
Scientists have finally decoded the secret behind Mona Lisa's Smile!!

Scientists have finally decoded the secret behind Mona Lisa's Smile!!

Goodness! I can't believe they actually were working on it. I thought deciphering old paintings was the job of archeologists. Isn't it? But, I guess Dr. Y.L.R Moorthi was right, you never know who could be your competitor next. Here our scientists are now giving some tough competition to the archeologists. They have finally discovered the secret behind Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile. 

As per reported by IANS:

London: The famous smile of Mona Lisa, the magnum opus of Leonardo da Vinci, is no more a secret as scientists have decoded the technique how the Renaisance-era painter created a special effect to show the enigmatic expression.
According to the experts, the artist managed to achieve his trademark smoky effect, known as sfumato, on the painting by applying up to 40 layers of extremely thin glaze thought to have been smeared on with his fingers.
The glaze, mixed with subtly different pigments, creates the slight blurring and shadows around the mouth that give Mona Lisa her barely noticeable smile that seems to disappear when looked at directly.
With the help of X-rays, the researchers were able to see how the layers of glaze and paint had been built up to varying levels on the face.With the drying times for the glaze taking months, such effects would have taken years to achieve.
The findings also suggest that he used his fingers to apply the glaze as there are no brush marks or contours visible on the paintings. The new discoveries have been made by scientists at Laboratoire du Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility.
Writing in the scientific journal Angewandle Chemie, Philippe Walter, who led the study, said: 
'The perfection of Leonardo da Vinci's painting technique has always been fascinating. The gradation of tones or colours from light to dark is barely perceptible. Above all, the way the flesh is rendered gives rise to many comments because of its crucial role in the fascination exerted by Leonardo's portraits. Even today, Leonardo's realisation of such thin layers still remains an amazing feat.'
The team also studied skin tones in six other of Leonardo's most famous paintings, including 'Virgin of the Rocks', 'Madonna of the Carnation', 'Saint John the Baptist' and the 'Virgin and the Child'.
Walter and his team believe that Leonardo experimented by creating different types of glaze and with different pigments to perfect the sfumato effect.
Professor Francis Ames-Lewis, vice-president of the Leonardo da Vinci Society, said: 'Leonardo da Vinci was concerned with producing smooth tonal gradients from light to dark without any perceptible change like we see in real life and sfumato was essential to this.

My verdict here: "God save the world!"

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My First Experience with the Thai Foot Reflexology

My First Experience with the Thai Foot Reflexology

It’s been ages, since I had been itching to try something on the lines of "pampering yourself”. Now, with amazing rejuvenating therapy centers “Ayush therapy center” and the new spa "Body and Soul", near my home at Koramangala (Bangalore - INDIA), I was bound to be tempted to have lay my hands on some of these experiences. Moreover, I never got indulged in any of the relaxing and rejuvenating services, except for my usual chore of meditation. I wanted to try something new (even though it meant spending some thousand bucks!).  Read more here >>>

Have Breakfast or Be Breakfast!

"Who is your Competitor tomorrow!!!??? - An interesting article By Y. L. R. MOORTHI, Prof IIM Bangalore"

Who sells the largest number of cameras in India?
Your guess is likely to be Sony, Canon or Nikon. Answer is none of the above. The winner is Nokia whose main line of business in India is not cameras but cell phones.
Reason being cameras bundled with cellphones are outselling stand alone cameras. Now, what prevents the cellphone from replacing the camera outright? Nothing at all. One can only hope the Sonys and Canons are taking note.
Try this. Who is the biggest in music business in India? You think it is HMV Sa-Re-Ga-Ma? Sorry. The answer is Airtel. By selling caller tunes (that play for 30 seconds) Airtel makes more than what music companies make by selling music albums (that run for hours).

Incidentally Airtel is not in music business. It is the mobile service provider with the largest subscriber base in India. That sort of competitor is difficult to detect, even more difficult to beat (by the time you have identified him he has already gone past you). But if you imagine that Nokia and Bharti (Airtel's parent) are breathing easy you can't be farther from truth.

Nokia confessed that they all but missed the smartphone bus. They admit that Apple's Iphone and Google's Android can make life difficult in future. But you never thought Google was a mobile company, did you? If these illustrations mean anything, there is a bigger game unfolding. It is not so much about mobile or music or camera or emails?

The "Mahabharat" (the great Indian epic battle) is about "what is tomorrow's personal digital device"? Will it be a souped up mobile or a palmtop with a telephone? All these are little wars that add up to that big battle. Hiding behind all these wars is a gem of a question - "who is my competitor?"
Once in a while, to intrigue my students I toss a question at them. It says "What Apple did to Sony, Sony did to Kodak, explain?" The smart ones get the answer almost immediately. Sony defined its market as audio (music from the walkman). They never expected an IT company like Apple to encroach into their audio domain. Come to think of it, is it really surprising? Apple as a computer maker has both audio and video capabilities. . So what made Sony think he won't compete on pure audio? "Elementary Watson". So also Kodak defined its business as film cameras, Sony defines its businesses as "digital."

In digital camera the two markets perfectly meshed. Kodak was torn between going digital and sacrificing money on camera film or staying with films and getting left behind in digital technology. Left undecided it lost in both. It had to. It did not ask the question "who is my competitor for tomorrow?" The same was true for IBM whose mainframe revenue prevented it from seeing the PC. The same was true of Bill Gates who declared "internet is a fad!" and then turned around to bundle the browser with windows to bury Netscape. The point is not who is today's competitor. Today's competitor is obvious. Tomorrow's is not.

In 2008, who was the toughest competitor to British Airways in India? Singapore airlines? Better still, Indian airlines? Maybe, but there are better answers. There are competitors that can hurt all these airlines and others not mentioned. The answer is videoconferencing and telepresence services of HP and Cisco. Travel dropped due to recession. Senior IT executives in India and abroad were compelled by their head quarters to use videoconferencing to shrink travel budget. So much so, that the mad scramble for American visas from Indian techies was nowhere in sight in 2008. (India has a quota of something like 65,000 visas to the U.S. They were going a-begging. Blame it on recession!). So far so good. But to think that the airlines will be back in business post recession is something I would not bet on. In short term yes. In long term a resounding no. Remember, if there is one place where Newton's law of gravity is applicable besides physics it is in electronic hardware. Between 1977 and 1991 the prices of the now dead VCR (parent of Blue-Ray disc player) crashed to one-third of its original level in India. PC's price dropped from hundreds of thousands of rupees to tens of thousands. If this trend repeats then telepresence prices will also crash. Imagine the fate of airlines then. As it is not many are making money. Then it will surely be RIP!

India has two passions. Films and cricket. The two markets were distinctly different. So were the icons. The cricket gods were Sachin and Sehwag. The filmi gods were the Khans (Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and the other Khans who followed suit). That was, when cricket was fundamentally test cricket or at best 50 over cricket. Then came IPL and the two markets collapsed into one. IPL brought cricket down to 20 overs. Suddenly an IPL match was reduced to the length of a 3 hour movie.. Cricket became film's competitor. On the eve of IPL matches movie halls ran empty. Desperate multiplex owners requisitioned the rights for screening IPL matches at movie halls to hang on to the audience. If IPL were to become the mainstay of cricket, as it is likely to be, films have to sequence their releases so as not clash with IPL matches. As far as the audience is concerned both are what in India are called 3 hour "tamasha" (entertainment) . Cricket season might push films out of the market.

Look at the products that vanished from India in the last 20 years. When did you last see a black and white movie? When did you last use a fountain pen? When did you last type on a typewriter? The answer for all the above is "I don't remember!" For some time there was a mild substitute for the typewriter called electronic typewriter that had limited memory.Then came the computer and mowed them all. Today most technologically challenged guys like me use the computer as an upgraded typewriter.Typewriters per se are nowhere to be seen.
One last illustration. 20 years back what were Indians using to wake them up in the morning? The answer is "alarm clock." The alarm clock was a monster made of mechanical springs. It had to be physically keyed every day to keep it running. It made so much noise by way of alarm, that it woke you up and the rest of the colony. Then came quartz clocks which were sleeker. They were much more gentle though still quaintly called "alarms." What do we use today for waking up in the morning? Cellphone! An entire industry of clocks disappeared without warning thanks to cell phones. Big watch companies like Titan were the losers. You never know in which bush your competitor is hiding!
On a lighter vein, who are the competitors for authors? Joke spewing machines? Or will the competition be story telling robots? Future is scary! The boss of an IT company once said something interesting about the animal called competition. He said 
"Have breakfast ...or.... be breakfast"! That sums it up rather neatly.
Earn Money Using Twitter

Earn Money Using Twitter

To all the twitterers , here is the good news - You can now tweet your way to money.

Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!
There is this website called Magpie, which can help you earn some money using your regular twitter account, through your tweets. Now, you can convert your tweets into real cash. Magpie has taken the social media to the next level by enabling you to start earning money from your tweets -  just like the big publishing houses did back when they were still the cool kids.

How does this work?
Magpie is a Twitter advertising network. By getting enrolled in their program, you get an opportunity to monetize your Twitter account. What magpie guys do is to connect advertisers with twitterers (that would be you) who are interested in the same things. Naturally, you are compensated for participating in a campaign, depending on the compensation model chosen by the advertiser.
Magpie claims to have a unique matching algorithms which ensures that they only connect you with advertisers whose keywords or phrases match what you have been recently tweeting about. However, you will always have the last word in regards to what you are tweeting about, keeping you in control of what appears in your timeline.
Once you have approved to participate, if you like - the system will automate the rest of the process. Otherwise you can manually tweet through your Magpie account if you like to be a little more hands-on.
You have 100% control on your account. The account set up is absoltely free and amazingly simple, just 4-5 clicks task. You need to give them the access to your twitter account, just like you give it elsewhere on other social media or article sites. Once your account has been set, you need to answer a few questions and then you can go ahead  with your usual Twitter usage. After reaching a specific number of tweets that you have to set up during the account sign up, Magpie will automatically post an advertisement to your Twitter account. It works just like any other affiliate marketing sites, you get paid either when someone clicks on the the link or when someone actually purchases a product.
Magpie gives you full control of your advertisement frequency and hence enables you to pick the frequency of the advertisement posts, so you don't irriate all of your Twitter friends with overload of ads.

Moreover, they use Paypal for the payment, so no need to bother about the currency and conversion headaches.

Go ahead and check it out yourself here.

Google addsence or adsence or 'adsense'?

Well yes! the correct answer is ofcourse 'adsense'. The search word for most of people out there, is basically "Google Adsense". Yet, I was doing this keyword research and for sake of fun typed this word "addsense". I was shocked to see the results, though scanty in search, but still it was there. There were still people out there searching for "addsence", instead of "adsense". And, the average CPC was also much more than usual average CPC. I don't know who are willing to pay for the wrong spelling of "addsence". In my view, there might be some newbie and amateur advertising agencies coming up in the market who want them to be called addsense. In fact, if we see it all this way, it really adds some sense to this weird addsense spelling. 

People who don't know much about adsense, may make spelling mistakes like placing "adsence" or "addsence" in their search. With "Google adsense" being such a prominent and blog grabber scheme, with millions or probably billions of website running on this term, there is no point for anyone to begin their "adsense" website, compete with the existing master or even think of coming somewhere in the initial search pages of Google.

Anyways, I searched for both "adsence" and "addsence", I got no results so far. Google's master search corrected the spelling and directed me to the top "Adsense" pages only. So, I guess either google's keyword search tool is wrong or I still have to learn loads about it. :)
August 15 - Happy Independence Day to you India

August 15 - Happy Independence Day to you India

India is celebrating its 63rd independence this August 15, 2010. I wish all my fellow Indians who live here and abroad - a very very happy independence day. Since the moment of our first independence, we all have been living and hoping for India to grow and prosper. It is indeed doing that in many spheres of life. There are still certain issues to be resolved, and on this independence day I pray for the good of all.

I know many people who I met, taking independence day quite sarcastically. When you wish them, they make a smug face and instead of wishing you back, they ask you - "Are we really independent? What about the poverty and corruption? Why am I not getting the job? We were better under the Britishers - at least we could get some job there. And all blah blah blah..."

Obviously, I can not contradict them because of my own limitations. Yet, I wonder - had we been still under Britishers in the same situation - would these people be able to speak  this way and abuse the constitution and government like this, without having any fear of getting their tongue ripped off the very next day by the bureaucracy? Of course I agree to the fact that we have issues, and there are no end to these issues, especially in a country like ours with such a huge population, that too with so many cultural and religious differences. Essentially, what I feel is the independence we got was basically a liberation from living in fear. The independence we enjoy today is the independence of breathing freely, without any fear of the people who rule us. We have the liberty to raise our voice, it is just that one may or may not choose to do that. We are basically enjoying the "Freedom of Making a Choice", which was absent 63 years ago.
Moreover, now we are assured that our resources are used for the development of our own country, instead of being belched outside.This can't be said for human resources though. With recent hike in H1 visas, more cream of our country is bound to go out, leaving the skimmed milk here. 
Today, I salute the people who stay independent of their lure and craving to leave the country and settle elsewhere, who "choose"  to use their knowledge and skills to their best for the sake of the country and incorporate their learnings from around the world for the betterment of their own country.
Below are certain facts about Indian Independence day, which I read somewhere while browsing:

1. The Indian National Congress in 1947 wanted Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to lead Independent India but he was asked by Gandhi to not to stand for the same as he wanted his protege Jawarharlal Nehru to be India's first leader.

2. Gandhi didn't approve of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's methodology because Gandhi considered his methods as "not adhering to his concept of Ahimsa". This leader thus didn't get much support from the Congress because of this attitude on Gandhi's part. Later he formed the Indian National Army and fought against the British in the Second World War.

3. Gandhi pressured Sardar Patel to give Rupees 55 Crores of Sterling balance to Pakistan after Partition.

4. Gandhi called Adolf Hitler "my beloved brother".

5. Lord Charles Cornwallis participated in the American revolution and was later a Lord-Governor of India?

6. Dadhabhai Naoroji was the first Indian to be elected to the British Parliament by a British constituency.

So, here I end up my post. I was never a fan of Gandhi jee because of many reasons. Though, I have some favorites in our country's freedom fighters. Last but not the least, here is my quote of the day- 

"Respect your country as it is a part of your identity. 

Then only you can expect the world to respect it and eventually you!"

Jai Hind!!!

Picks of the day: 

The List of Most Expensive Jewelry on Amazon

The List of Most Expensive Jewelry on Amazon

I had been browsing through web in order to find something interesting. Although jewelry is considered to be the most passionate possession and charm for any female, I somehow contradict this in my thinking. May be, I get hurt more number of times than anyone else, whenever I am in any jewelry (which includes getting so many scratches from my diamond ring).

Well, let us get down to this list of most expensive jewelery (currently on sale) as of August, 2010. Feel free to check them out, watch what goes inside them to make them so expensive, and you can even add them to your wishlist, for the time when you get some Aladin's genie or hidden treasure to spend your fortune on. I wonder if anyone reading this list would like to buy these jewels now. You can of course bookmark it for the good and happy times of your life ;-).

1) Certified Diamond (Heart, Good cut, 8.00 carats, D color, IF clarity)

Diamond Information
Certification: GIA
This diamond comes accompanied by a diamond certificate grading report from the GIA.
Cut: Good
This diamond might be slightly deeper or shallower, or have a slightly larger or smaller table facet compared to a diamond with an Ideal cut, probably resulting from the cutter striking a balance of cut and carat weight retention. Diamonds with a Good cut grade reflect the most light entering them and represent an excellent value.
Color: D
This diamond has no tint of color, as D is the highest color grade. A completely colorless diamond can reflect all of the spectral colors most accurately and therefore is highly prized. Diamonds with this grade are extremely rare, and this will affect the diamond's overall value.
Clarity: IF
This diamond has a clarity grade of IF, or internally flawless, which means that the diamond shows no internal inclusions under 10 power magnification, but it might have very tiny blemishes or transparent polish marks on the surface of the diamond. Diamonds with an IF clarity grade are extremely rare, and the value will reflect this.

Price: $914,045.00 only

2) Certified Diamond (Pear, Good cut, 8.01 carats, E color, IF clarity)

Diamond InformationCertification: GIA
This diamond comes accompanied by a diamond certificate grading report from the GIA.
Cut: Good
This diamond might be slightly deeper or shallower, or have a slightly larger or smaller table facet compared to a diamond with an Ideal cut, probably resulting from the cutter striking a balance of cut and carat weight retention. Diamonds with a Good cut grade reflect the most light entering them and represent an excellent value.
Color: E
This diamond is considered colorless but may have a slightly different degree of transparency than a D color, which is only noticeable to an expert grader under laboratory conditions. Diamonds with a color grade of E are very rare. They appear a brilliant white in the setting and will cost slightly less than a D color, depending on other quality factors.
Clarity: IF
This diamond has a clarity grade of IF, or internally flawless, which means that the diamond shows no internal inclusions under 10 power magnification, but it might have very tiny blemishes or transparent polish marks on the surface of the diamond. Diamonds with an IF clarity grade are extremely rare, and the value will reflect this.
Price: $685,380.00 only

3) 4.01 ct. D - VVS1 GIA Certified Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant (White or Yellow Gold)

A single diamond solitaire pendant will always be adored for its classic and elegant beauty. This 4.01 ct. sparkling round brilliant cut diamond is masterfully prong set in a well crafted Gold rabbit-ear mounting. Available in yellow and white gold, please contact us via phone or email. The diamond is certified so it comes with a GIA Diamond Grading Certificate to guarantee the natural purity of the diamond.

List Price: $567,696.00
Price:              $378,465.00
You Save: $189,231.00 (33%)

4) Platinum Round Diamond Ring (GIA Certified 4.44 ct center, 4.49 cttw, E Color, SI1 Clarity), Size 6

This breathtaking solitaire ring centers an ample 4.44 carat, GIA-certified round brilliant diamond on a gleaming platinum band. The diamond is mounted in a secure four-prong setting detailed with two small diamonds, for a total combined diamond weight of 4.49 carats. These diamonds offer a minimum SI1 clarity. With a rare E color (colorless), they draw in and reflect an abundance of light and look dazzling against the white luster of the platinum setting. The round brilliant shape, with its 360 degree symmetry and many facets, optimizes the play of light through the diamond, enhancing its sparkle and fire.
The setting and cathedral-style band are made from 950 platinum. Platinum is the most rare of all precious metals, and the ideal choice for showcasing diamonds because of its superior strength and durability. Unlike other jewelry metals, platinum will not chip easily or wear down over time, and it never needs replating. Its gorgeous white sheen is rich and luxurious and can be easily maintained with just an occasional cleaning and polish. Platinum has a substantial feel and is slightly heavier than gold. It's also hypoallergenic, and therefore perfectly suited to those with metal sensitivities.

An extraordinary gift that's sure to leave her speechless, this solitaire ring comes packaged in a luxury finished-wood box and includes a GIA certificate.

Price: $233, 500.00 only

5) 18k White Gold 3-Prong Diamond Opera Necklace (60.92 cttw, E-F Color, SI1-SI2 Clarity), 34"

This opera length necklace is a dazzling collection of 195 round brilliant diamonds, mounted in three-prong basket settings of strong and radiant 18 karat white gold. These are fine quality colorless diamonds, with a minimum clarity of SI2. Their rare E-F color lets in and reflects an abundance of light, for beautiful brilliance and fire, and the round brilliant shape, with its perfect symmetry and many facets, optimizes the play of light through the diamond. The diamonds in this lavish necklace have a total combined weight of 60.92 carats.
The setting is 18 karat white gold, a beautiful and flattering precious metal for diamond jewelry. This luxurious metal has a wonderful white color and luster that complements the clear brilliance of diamonds. Eighteen karat gold is 75% pure 24 karat gold, with the remaining percentage being alloy metals that add strength. It has a slightly heavier weight than 14 karat gold, and boasts excellent durability, making it a smart choice as a setting for precious diamond jewelry.

With its spectacular brilliance and sophisticated styling, this opera necklace is a stunning statement piece, and a beautiful addition to her collection. The opulent 34-inch length allows it to be draped as a single long strand, or doubled for a fuller look. The necklace is finished with a traditional push-tongue clasp. It comes packaged in a luxury finished-wood box.

Price: $149,000.00 only

I hope you enjoyed reading the list above. There were of course many more things there, but I enlisted these five only here. The list has given me another idea of preparing an exclusive list of everything I'd like to have. You can also prepare one and share here. I'd be delighted to read them. 
New Book Launch - The Power

New Book Launch - The Power

The Power
About the Book:

The Secret revealed the law of attraction. Now Rhonda Byrne reveals the greatest power in the universe -The Power to have anything you want.
In this book you will come to understand that all it takes is just one thing to change your relationships, money, health, happiness, career, and your entire life.

Every discovery, invention, and human creation comes from The Power. Perfect health, incredible relationships, a career you love, a life filled with happiness, and the money you need to be, do, and have everything you want, all come from The Power.
The life of your dreams has always been closer to you than you realized, because The Power -- to have everything good in your life -- is inside you.

To create anything, to change anything, all it takes is just one thing…THE POWER.

About the Author
Rhonda Byrne’s intention is to bring joy to billions. She began her journey with The Secret film, viewed by millions. She followed with The Secret book, a worldwide bestseller now available in 46 languages. Now, with The Power, Rhonda Byrne reveals the single greatest force in our Universe.
Feeling of Self worth

Feeling of Self worth

Sometimes it becomes so difficult to prove something to your own self, especially when you get bombarded with negative statements about you from everywhere, and not a single statement of appreciation from anywhere. According to human psychology, negative statements about their worth, no matter how much true or false those statements might be, somehow have a tendency to effect a person’s normal behavior, in some way or the other. And, if such statements come from a source, which is close to the person’s heart, they leave an impact of quite a huge magnitude.

Why does it happen that we often tend to see ourselves from the eyes of others? Everyone wants to look good and attractive, but how can you define beauty and attractiveness? I’ve always felt it to be dependent on a person’s perspective of seeing things. One that is beautiful to me, may not be beautiful to someone else. But, seldom do we realize this. We tend to force our opinion on others, especially when we think that those ‘others’ are closer to us, and we are their ‘well-wishers’.

Often I feel, that in disguise of being a ‘well-wisher’, no matter what role we are playing – a parent, a friend, a wife, a husband, a brother, a sister, uncle or aunt – we tend to damage an individual’s feeling of self worth even more, rather than doing any thing good to him by stating things that can hurt him/her at quite deeper level. Obviously, one needs critical comments from people he can trust, so that he can grow more and better in his life. But, how far can these comments be justified? I somehow feel that even our ‘well-wishers’ sometimes vent their own anger and frustration in disguise of guiding us through a ‘better’ path of life. They say one statement and then forget it, least considering the impact it would have on the other person’s life.

Sometimes, such things make me feel so declined towards how I live, how I look and what I do, that I don’t know where to go and hide from such thoughts of mine. These things hurt especially when the solutions to such issues are not in my hands. How can I change the way I look? Or the way I think? How can I get back in time and become 3-4 years younger? Would that make any difference? 
The only solution my well wishers tell me is to listen to what they say. If I ask where am I wrong, they can't tell that. They have their own justifications. They ask me to do something, I can not understand. When I ask them "Why should I do this?" They says – “Other people also do this. Thats why!” 

Why should I follow them? Are they leading my life? Or am I obliged to them for something, so that I should also blindly do what they are doing?

I try to keep my thoughts sane and my mind clear. But, with so many of powerful things happening all around, I feel extremely weak. Even doing positive healing exercises needs energy from within, which at the moment, I can not find anywhere. I don’t even seek anyone to help me out. I know things pass with time. Nothing stays for long. But, patience and hope is what I need. I wish I could get some extra dosage of these.

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