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Lakme Gypsy Collection Winter 2010

The Lakme Gypsy collection is based on Lakme's winter palette dedicated to the gypsy within us all. The collection showcases completely new range of colors and influences. So, get into the gypsy spirit and travel the journey beyond your regular looks.
Below is a sneek peak to the collection (as checked from the official website of Lakme):

1) Earth rose Blush Trio:
The palette offers you complementing earthy shades, which are extremely easy to apply and can be built perfectly. The blush claims to be highly pigmented and silky smooth, which can be blended easily for that amazing glow. You can use the three shades that complement each other and build your customized forms for defining, highlighting and accentuating features.

3 shades in 1 
MRP: Rs. Rs 600/-

2) Eye Quartet:
The quartet has quite bright and radiant colors, which can be vividly applied to your eyes in the shape and highlighting form of your choice to get those expressively gypsy eye look. You can play around with the colors and be creative in your own way. The quartet has two sets in the range - Silk Route and Tanjore rush.

Available in 2 shades 
MRP: Rs 425/-

3) Sheer Satin Lip Gloss: 
The Sheer Satin Lip Gloss of this collection claims to offer a molten shine and ultra-comfortable satin finish to your lips, with its smooth and feather light nature. The glosses are infused with moisturizing vitamins and can stay for hours. 

Available in 8 shades 
MRP: Rs 325/-

4) Lip Palette: 
The lip palette again offers a range which can work well in getting creative with your looks.  You can wear each color on its own or blend together to get that perfect shade. The satiny texture claims to cover your lips and consists of five universally flattering shades of terra cotta. 

5 shades in 1 palette 
MRP: Rs. Rs 600/-

5) True Wear Nail Color:
The nail colors of this collection claim to be inspired by bohemian and rustic gypsy trails. The colors are rich and deep like ruby reds, plush purples, henna golds and mystic indigos with a hint of shimmer.

Available in 8 shades 
MRP: Rs 90/-

6) Enrich Satin Lip Color:
The lip colors claim to be richly pigmented and consist of necessary ingredients like sunscreen, vitamins and olive extracts. Again the colors range from chilli reds to terra cottas and exotic sangrias to earthy rusts.

Available in 10 shades 
MRP: Rs 225/-

7) Black Satin Kajal:
The kajal launched in the collection is claimed to be super soft and smooth and can be easily glided to give you the blackest black color in just one stroke. You can use it to line your eyes, as a kohl on water line, or on the eye-lids with smudges to get that smoky and glossy finesse. It is a water resistant formula and does not spread much.

Available in Black 
MRP: Rs 150/-

Below are the looks that were featured by Lakme using their gypsy collection:

So try these looks and enjoyyyyy!!! :D

The Secret's Scrolls

The Secret's Scrolls

From The Secret Daily Teachings 
The Secret

1) There is no doubt that when using the law of attraction for the good of everyone, you are connecting yourself to great power. However, the law is also available to you individually so that you may live your life to the fullest. When you live your life to the fullest you have so much more to give others.
Your pain and misery does not help the world. But your joy and your life lived fully uplifts the world. 

2) Isn't it great to know that you cannot control your world from theoutside? To try and control things on the outside feels impossible because it would take so much work, and in fact it is impossible according to the law of attraction.
To change your world all you have to do is manage your thoughts and feelings on the inside of you, and then your whole world changes.

3) When you look at yourself and feel dissatisfaction about any part of you, you will continue to attract feelings of dissatisfaction, because the law mirrors back to you exactly what you are holding inside.
Be in awe and wonder at the magnificence of you!

4) Pure love has no conditions or boundaries. Love does not restrain itself or hold back. Love gives all the time and doesn't ask for anything in return. Love is a continuous flow without any limits. And all of this is inside you.

5) When you close your eyes and you visualize having money and imagine doing all the things you want with that money, you are creating a new reality. Your subconscious mind and the law of attraction do not know whether you are imagining something or whether it is real. And so when you imagine, the law of attraction receives those thoughts and images as though you were actually living them, and it must return those visions to you.
When you are in the place where what you are imagining feels real, you will know that it has penetrated your subconscious mind, and the law of attraction must deliver it.

6) Every night before you fall asleep, replay in your mind the good moments of the day, and give heartfelt thanks for each one of them. Think about the next day also, and intend that it is going to be amazing, that it is going to be filled with love and joy, and that all good is coming to you. Intend that it is going to be the best day of your life. Then when you wake in the morning, BEFORE you get out of bed, declare your intentions again for the day and give deep thanks as though you have received them all.

7) The fastest way to become the Master of your thoughts and emotions is through challenging situations. If your life is going along fairly smoothly, there are not the same opportunities that enable you to strengthen your power and become the Master of your thoughts and emotions.
You see, even challenges are beautiful opportunities in disguise

8) Each of us is attracting in every moment of our lives. So when you feel that the law isn't working for you because you don't have what you want, realize that the law is responding to you. You are either attracting what you want or you are attracting the absence of what you want.
The law is still working.

9) Be aware of the big difference between inspired action and activity. Activity comes from the brain-mind and is rooted in disbelief and lack of faith - you are taking action to "make" your desire happen. Inspired action is allowing the law to work through you and to move you.
Activity feels hard. Inspired action feels wonderful.

10) Trying to change someone is a waste of time. The very thought of changing someone is saying that they are not good enough as they are, and it is soaked with judgment and disapproval. That is not a thought of appreciation or love, and those thoughts will only bring separation between you and that person.
You must look for the good in people to have more of it appear. As you look only for the good things in a person, you will be amazed at what your new focus reveals.

May the Joy Be With You!

My small weekend haul

This weekend was a bit change for me, as I finally planned and decided to go out of my four walls, and see the world outside. Actually, a lot of its credit would go to my broken iron too. I had to buy a new one, and because of that I had to go out to Star Bazaar at Koramangla. On my way to the place, I landed on the Health and Glow store, and picked up some beauties there. Below is the list:

1) Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick: Rouge-a-levres liquide Labial Liquido

2) Mannings Dental Floss

3) Mannings lemongrass & ginger spa exfoliating bath scrub

I wrote a review for this here at Indian Make up and Beauty Blog.

4) St. IVes Softening Whipped Silk body lotion

5) Dabur gulabari rose water spray

6) Vega Face pack brush

Needless to say, like any other girl I was really happy to shop for something beyond essentials. I have still to try these things, and planning to post the reviews here accordingly. Have a great week ahead!! :-)
I want some time for myself!

I want some time for myself!

How many times, life makes you feel that you really need it more? I mean the times, when you really need to get a life of your own, along with some peaceful time for yourself. I sometimes feel, I have been living an "ultra" mechanical life. In fact, now I even look like a zombized- robot!!..

It has been ages, since I went for a long walk in woods, listening to my favorite music on my ipod. I have not seen a clear sky at day time, not even at night since months. Right now, I have placed a beautiful "Sun rise" wall paper on my desktop, and I feel really blessed just looking at it for some time, when my team mates aren't around. I wonder, if they start doubting my sanity, looking at me staring blankly at a "sun rise" wall paper.

I have hardly ever gone to a beauty parlor, may be once in a year or six months. I have never spent much time and energy on pampering myself, except for going once for that foot reflexology massage and then Ayush therapy center. I hardly know A or B of what cosmetics are, what make up is, and what all girly things a girl should do! Lately, I have landed on this amazing blog, which provides reviews of the cosmetics available in India, and various other tips. It is called Indian Make up and Beauty Blog.

I have read a few reviews and really have been itching to try something. But, I seriously don't know where to start from. At such times, I so much wish, if I could have at least one friend who is a girl, who knows about all these things a 'normal' girl should do and who could teach me and assist me in doing such kind of things (Some one like Sonam Kapoor in Aisha). I hardly get to talk to anyone whole day, and now with the kind of life I've been leading since past oh-so-many years, I am thoroughly exhausted of this. My face needs a make over, my existence needs a make over and my life truly needs a make over!!

Any girl, from Bangalore (especially staying near Koramangala), if reads this post, please help! I need a friend to assist me in doing all girly stuffs (like shopping, gyming, going to parlor, etc.). I've never lead that life, and I want to lead it now!!  :(

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Poems of Passion by Rumi

Poems of Passion by Rumi

Love is considered to be the most sacred feeling of all. When you feel love for someone, you are at the highest vibration of your being. A feeling of pure love can overpower and purify any  other feeling, be it positive or negative. There can not be a better way to cleanse your soul, mind and inner-being, than a pure and intense feeling of love, as it is rightly said - 

"Let the fire of love, purify your within, let it burn you, cleanse you, purify you and take you with itself to the source power. "

The name Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi stands for Love and ecstatic flight into the infinite. Rumi is one of the great spiritual masters and poetical geniuses of mankind and was the founder of the Mawlawi Sufi order, a leading mystical brotherhood of Islam.

Rumi was born in Wakhsh (Tajikistan) under the administration of Balkh on September 30, 1207 to a family of learned theologians. Escaping the Mongol invasion and destruction, Rumi and his family traveled extensively in the Muslim lands, performed pilgrimage to Mecca and finally got settled in Konya, Anatolia, then part of Seljuk Empire. When his father Bahaduddin Valad passed away, Rumi succeeded his father in year 1231 as  a professor in religious sciences. Rumi 24 years old, was an already accomplished scholar in religious and positive sciences.

He was introduced into the mystical path by a wandering dervish, Shamsuddin of Tabriz. His love and his bereavement for the death of Shams found their expression in a surge of music, dance and lyric poems, "Divani Shamsi Tabrizi". Rumi is the author of six volume didactic epic work, the "Mathnawi", called as the "Koran in Persian" by Jami, and discourses, "Fihi ma Fihi", written to introduce his disciples into metaphysics.

If there is any general idea underlying Rumi's poetry, it is the absolute love for God. His influence on thought, literature and all forms of aesthetic expression in the world of Islam cannot be overrated.

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi died on December 17, 1273. Men of five faiths followed his bier. That night was named Sebul Arus (Night of Union). Ever since, the Mawlawi dervishes have kept that date as a festival.

The Rumi Collection


Love is the One who masters all things;

I am mastered totally by Love.

By my passion of love for Love

I have ground sweet as sugar.

O furious Wind, I am only a straw before you;

How could I know where I will be blown next?

Whoever claims to have made a pact with Destiny

Reveals himself a liar and a fool;

What is any of us but a straw in a storm?

How could anyone make a pact with a hurricane?

God is working everywhere his massive Resurrection;

How can we pretend to act on our own?

In the hand of Love I am like a cat in a sack;

Sometimes Love hoists me into the air,

Sometimes Love flings me into the air,

Love swings me round and round His head;

I have no peace, in this world or any other.

The lovers of God have fallen in a furious river;

They have surrendered themselves to Love's commands.

Like mill wheels they turn, day and night, day and night,

Constantly turning and turning, and crying out.


Stay close, my heart, to the one who knows your ways;
 Come into the shade of the tree that allays has fresh flowers.

Don't stroll idly through the bazaar of the perfume-markers:
Stay in the shop of the sugar-seller.

If you don't find true balance, anyone can deceive you;
Anyone can trick out of a thing of straw,

And make you take it for gold
Don't squat with a bowl before every boiling pot;

In each pot on the fire you find very different things.
Not all sugarcanes have sugar, not all abysses a peak;

Not all eyes possess vision, not every sea is full of pearls.
O nightingale, with your voice of dark honey! Go on lamenting!

Only your drunken ecstasy can pierce the rock's hard heart!
Surrender yourself, and if you cannot be welcomes by the Friend,

Know that you are rebelling inwardly like a thread
That doesn't want to go through the needle's eye!

The awakened heart is a lamp; protect it by the him of your robe!
Hurry and get out of this wind, for the weather is bad.

And when you've left this storm, you will come to a fountain;
You'll find a Friend there who will always nourish your soul.

And with your soul always green, you'll grow into a tall tree
Flowering always with sweet light-fruit, whose growth is interior.

(translated by Andrew Harvey)
A Gift of Love - Music

A Gift of Love - Music

I am writing this post while listening to the divine “A gift of love” series. The music is indeed enchanting, intoxicating and may make you drift into the infinity, along with its smoothness. A must have for all the people “passionately in love”. Even if you are not very “passionately” in love, you might fall in love after listening to this series.

(Caution: This is entirely MY taste of music, which some people find weird.)

The music is kind of trance, and can’t be called a complete "song and dance" kind of music. It is a fusion of meditative music, trance and arabic music, along with some verses from the "Poems by Rumi", spoken by Deepak Chopra, Demi Moore and their friends.

Below is one of my all time favorites of this particular series. All other songs in the series follow the same kind of touch:

A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi
A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi

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