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Winter Makeup Tips for Brides

It is human, wanting to look good and when it comes to one’s wedding, it becomes an absolute must for the person to look his/her best in it. There are loads of guidelines one can get about getting that perfect look on the big day, but it also depends a lot on the weather around you at the moment. You may have to go with a specific makeup and beauty regime in winters, which might be completely different in summers. So, let us get into some basic makeup tips for to-be-brides going to have their big day this winter season. More here >>>

Tips on getting home based manicure and pedicure

We all long to get the perfect groomed look, and our hands and feet play a major role in achieving that. It has now become a culture for both men and women to spend loads of time, efforts and money at spas and parlors, to get those perfect hands and feet. This article can come handy for you, if you want to try some easy-to-do self-help techniques, tips and tricks to get your personal home-based and chemical free pedicure and manicure. More here >>>

How celebs celebrated halloween this year?

Some sneak peek to Hrithik Roshan's Halloween Bash, on October 24th, 2010. I have selected only those who came dressed for the occasion and were looking somewhat interesting:
1) Arjun Rampal came in dressed as The Joker (Batman's arch rival). His wife Mehr Jesia was dressed as The Bride (Uma Thurman in Kill Bill series):

2) Kunal Kapoor strutted in as Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean series):

3) Fardeen Khan became the musketeer, his wife Natasha Madhvani walked in dressed like a Snow White:

4) Ritesh Deshmukh
5) Queenie Singh (L) and Farhad Taraporewala:

6) Amit Gaur (L) with designer Rocky S :

7) Rinke Khanna with Sunny Dewan:

8) And finally a glimpse of the party's host!! :D (I liked this the most!! :P)
Let me know which one you liked the best!

Review: Rimmel London Colour Show Off Lipstick - Shocking Pink

Here goes my review on Rimmel London Color show off lipstick, which I bought from Germany. I particularly chose to buy this typical bright shocking pink shade, coz I had all nude shades till then and I wanted to experiment with bright shades! Also, the bright color made me feel good while shopping in gloomy, cold and rainy weather of Germany. It was priced around 6 - 7 Euros at Muller. More her >>>

Review: Neutrogena Moistureshine Gloss, Swatches

I began to use Neutrogena brand long back, when I was in US. The first product I bought of this brand was a liquid foundation, which was my first foundation of all. And, as expected I chose the wrong shade and had to throw it away. The second thing I bought sometime back was thisNeutrogena Moistureshine LipGloss, which apparently happens to be my first tinted lipgloss too, as before this I was used to only lipsticks or lip balms.

It took me a while to get used to the concept of glosses. I bought the shade 04 Glimmer. More here >>>

Review: Annemarie Borlind - Pura Soft Q10 Eye Area Care

Out of three products I bought in Germany, for treating my eyes and the dark circles, I liked Annemarie Börlind - the most. The other two products that I bought and didn't work with me were Garnier Under Eye Anti-Dark Circles creamandGarnier Under Eye Anti-Dark circles concealer roll on.
What does the brand has to say about the Annemarie Borlind - Pura soft Q10 Eye Area Care cream?

A blend of Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin A that helps in maintaining the firmness of the skin and intensively protect it against premature wrinkles forming. Natural moisturisers increase the water content of the skin and keep it soft and smooth.  More here >>>

Review: Cadeavera Rose Lip Care

I bought the Cadeavera Rose Lip care chapstick from Muller mall at Ulm (Germany). It was priced some 1 Euro for a quantity of 4.8 grams. More here >>>

Review: Garnier Roll on Anti Dark Circles concealer and Garnier Anti Dark Circles Cream

Last time, when I went to Germany and found myself with loads of time in my hand standing in front of all the plethora of brands available, there was nothing much to do but shopping. I always love to experiment with brands and thought of giving some products a try. Moreover, I loved to shop there coz of less crowd. Can't imagine the same kind of shopping in Bangalore. Anyways, here I review some of the products I bought there for healing under eye dark circles, two of these are available in India too; the third one can be bought from Amazon (depending upon its availability). I bought the following three products for healing under eye dark circles:

- Garnier under eye anti-dark circles cream :                            Price 9 Euros
- Garnier under eye anti-dark circle roll on concealer:             Price 11 Euros
- Annemarie Borlind Eye cream :                                               Price 20 …

My Weekend Beauty Shopping

I wasn't well last weekend, so when it came to the act of cheering myself up - there couldn't be any better things than shopping for a bunch of stuffs for myself!! :-). As I was bedridden, I ordered few stuffs online for oriflame products. And I was feeling a bit better on Sunday night, so simply went and roamed around the Lifestyle mall.

Irrespective of my sour throat and bad health, I was extremely happy.More here >>>

Tips on applying a Blush perfectly

It has been since ages, when getting a natural flush on the cheeks became one of the most important makeup entity in a woman's makeup regime. There were times when ladies used to use lipsticks for the purpose of blush. However, as the time has progressed, we now have blushes of different varieties, colors and brands that can work quite well in getting that natural and beautiful color on your cheeks.

If you are amongst those who still rely on using your lipsticks to get the healthy flush on your cheeks, then give one shot to the blushes and I guarantee you'd never regret that. More here >>>

Something on ArtRage

Makeup Artist As a Profession

A makeup artist also known as a ‘cosmetologist’ essentially works on putting on makeup to people for achieving a desired effect. The perfect makeup for a person generally reckons on lots of components and a makeup artist has to take into account these factors like skin tone, event, photographer’s needs, brands available, colors and various other stuffs, in order to formulate his makeup procedure that can meet the demands.
The preparation for becoming a professional makeup artist can start from high school where you can make the best use of art classes and get innovative with colors and tones. Try getting as much as you can from the fashion magazines and get creative with the makeup application on your friends. Always make it a point to store your makeup skills by clicking the photographs of your work and saving in an album, which you can later use as a portfolio. You can also join various professional makeup training programs and courses to get the desired makeup certification.
The mo…


GLITTER GLAMOUR GRACE (Be Beautiful..Inside Out!!)are giving a cute giveaway to two winners who will be selected and informed after you have followed their instructions and done the needful.

The First winner will get 
 - Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Blusher in Iced Mauve,
 - Lotus Herbals Lip Contour Definer in Seduction-which is actually a coral ish shade,
 - Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Translucent Loose Powder - Iceburg
 - and Sheer Body Lotion - Pink Grapefruit.

The Second winner will get 
 - Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Blusher - Iced Mauve,
 - Sheer Body Lotion  - White Lily.

And one lucky entry will win a beautiful, custom designed piece of handmade jewelry from their in-house brand - Swaram 

The entry process is extremely simple and there are always high chances for you to win! :-). So check the link here and act quickly as the contest is gonna end on October 8th, 2010


MAC’s Fall 2010 collection

As we are saying goodbye to monsoons in India and getting into the festive season groove with onset of Dussehra, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Bhai Doojh and lots of other festivals to follow here is the MAC’s newest collection especially designed for falls.

The new delish collection of MAC has following products in store:

1) Mineralize Eye shadows: The matte eye shadow trios are in a range of some amazing combinations of burgundy’s, greys and pinks.

2) Crèmesheen lipsticks and lip glasses: They play up a creamy texture along with a subtle sheen. Shades Launched: You’ve Got It Dirty, Blue My Mind and A Little Bit of Sunshine

3) Skinfinish Powders and Blush Duos

The complete collection is quite groovy-retro, kind of taking you to 70’s Batik, 80’s Neo-Mod Tie-Dye fun and topped with some Marrakech mystique.

Price: Rs.990/- onwards