The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Movie Pics

I didn't much like "Breaking Dawn" as a book , more because of its too lengthy size and unnecessary events and dialogues. With "Breaking Dawn" being the last book in the whole "Twilight Saga", it sometimes gives readers a feeling that Stephenie Meyer has been desperately trying to put everything out of her "random" notes into the book. 
Anyways, as all the books of Twilight have been produced and released in successful movies, so is the Breaking Dawn too, going to be released soon. Below are some of the pics released for the movie promotion.

The dream wedding

Edward and Bella getting married

Edward and Bella dance

Edward and Bella - A happy married couple 

Pregnant Bella

Edward with his daughter - Renesmee

Happy Parents: Edward and Bella

The New Bella
Bella Hunting

The Cullen Family (Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen and Renesmee Cullen)

Many of the pics posted above are fan arts too and I posted them just because they were so spectacularly made depicting the story and various scenarios!! Enjoy!! :)

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