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Top 5 Best Anti Virus Computer Security Software for Windows/Mac

Top 5 Best Anti Virus Computer Security Software for Windows/Mac

With loads of websites, spammers and cyber criminals entering the internet world daily, a possible access and infiltration to any information, computer or any other internet related data has become much easier.
Although we have all types of antivirus software, now easily accessible in the market - all of them arrogating to be the best in whatever they provide; we definitely can not count on these assertions just like that, particularly when the security of our data, confidentiality and privacy is at stake.
So, here goes a list of some of the top most popular and best antivirus software programs available online. More here >>>

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Top 8 list of Men You Should Not Marry

Top 8 list of Men You Should Not Marry

As is evident from the title of my post, I am not going to talk about mushy-mushy things related to romantic things, but certain more important and possibly quite unromantic things today, which may not be very pleasant to think at. Ok! So you are deeply in love with your boyfriend/fiancée and are dying to get married to your love without any much delay. Have you ever given a thought, if the person you love so madly is apt for marriage at all? Well, if that makes you think then here, Father Pat Connor, missionary, marital expert and the first priest ever to be quoted by Glamour magazine tells certain points you must think about, before committing to a man for your lifetime.

Father Pat Connor is an Australian-born Catholic priest and now lives in New Jersey. He has around 40 years of experience in counseling engaged couples into one manual of advice - "Whom Not to Marry". He has guided innumerous pre-marital counseling and has conducted over more than 200 weddings. He also lectures high school girls on the unforeseen problems of marrying the wrong guy.

And he focuses on counseling young women, as once they have fallen in love, they will be less likely able to absorb his sensible and often unromantic suggestions. He feels that there are no soul mates, and only lovers to whom we commit.
Connor's basic thesis is that you may be passionately and deeply in love with someone, but that doesn't mean that you may lead a successful married life with him as well.

So, Connor's 'whom not to marry' list goes below here:

1. Men who are all in all momma's boys.

2. Men who are bad with money.

3. Men who are quite unsocial and don't have any friends.

4. Men who don't give any regards to your respect and can mock you in public.

5. Men who are rude to waitering staff (Very important point!).

6. Men who are unable to laugh at themselves.

7. Men who are dominant and unwilling to share any authority.

8. Men who never make demands countering yours.

Connor suggests at least one year engagement for the couples to examine carefully the values and characters of a person's future spouse, before committing for the life time. If you can not adjust in this one year, chances are less that you can adjust anymore going further.

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A short trip to UB City Bangalore

Last weekend I made a trip to UB City, Bangalore. The trip was much anticipated and pending since quite a long time. Since, the year was nearing Christmas and I was in a nice festive mood, I decided to put all my laziness at bay and make a trip to UB City Bangalore.
Those who don't know much about UB City, Bangalore,  here is a brief overview:

"UB City Bangalore began to define the skyline of Bangalore in year 2007. UB City is the biggest commercial property project of Bangalore pioneered by Dr. Vijay Mallya and is located in the heart of Bangalore. It stands at the corner of Vittal Mallya Road and Kasturba Road, just 600 metres away from Bangalore's commercial hub, M. G. Road. 

A 1.1million sq.feet mixed use development with commercial, luxury retail and serviced apartments, it has bagged the prestigious City Scape India Retail Estate 2007, Best Developer - Mixed Use Award.

All office space in UB City has been leased out to prestigious Indian and multinational clients. "

For details you can check their official website: http://www.theubgroup.com/business_infrastructure.aspx
and wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UB_City

I had heard a lot about it being a paradise for luxury brands lovers, so I kept my expectations reasonable and meditated a lot to not spend 5000 bucks on a designer T-shirt!! ;-)

It took me around 25 minutes to reach UB City Bangalore, from Koramangla 8th block. The Building from outside gave me a look of some kind of corporate office, but when I saw the banners and the huge tower that is visible from around 5 KM diameter of the area, I knew that I’d reached the place.

I had to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip there. The ambiance inside reminded me of New York’s Grand Central Railway station main interiors. The building is divided in two wings – Left and right, followed by a central staircase and escalators towards the open area around the second floor that has food counters like Subway, Rajdhani, etc. The place was decently decorated of Christmas decorations.

Location : UB City, Sampangirama Nagar, Bangalore

I wanted to take the pics of all the brands adorning the place, but it looked foolish of clicking pics standing in front of all those shops. After all, come on – They were just shops…the only difference was that these were THE SHOPS! :D. So, for people like us, they had this nice display of all the brands and the floors holding them. Check them out:

If any of these brands fascinate you and, you feel like spending some luxury on any of these, feel free to do that!! :D

And below are some other piccys of UB City, Bangalore: 
UB City Entrance left wing

Left wing Entrance - I liked that Painting :D

UB City Center
Christmas Tree at UB City Bangalore

A Closer look :D

Paintings at UB City Mall

View from the second floor - UB City Bangalore
Sky Ceiling at UB City Right Wing. It reminded me of Las Vegas's Hotel Venetian and Hotel Paris Paris. Splendid places!!

Sky Ceiling Paintings

he he..this is not UB City, but my office's decor for Christmas
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :)
Have you been to UB City Bangalore? Share your experience with me in your comments.

How are you planning to celebrate your Christmas and New Year Eve?
Yoga Career Success: How to make students relax and feel at ease in your workshop?

Yoga Career Success: How to make students relax and feel at ease in your workshop?

To make students feel relaxed and comfortable in a yoga workshop, you can give them some context and expectation in the beginning of the class. Help them in feeling at ease throughout the session, by following simple steps like making an announcement before starting every class, like:

“I might modify some of your asanas to a little extent, so that I can ensure that you are doing them in the ways, which are most advantageous to you. “

"Please make use of the blanket and the mat as well. You will require both of them for certain postures on the floor beneath the bony areas such as hips and knees."

"Please assure that you are absolutely at ease with whatever you are performing. If you are not feeling comfortable with a pose, or feel that it is inducing you pain, let me know or simply take rest."

"If you are having any trouble in breathing regularly, or you feel dizzy or lightheaded, take smaller, normal resting breaths. Don’t put any strain on yourself."

"Yoga is liberation, both physically and emotionally. If you feel any difficulty, take rest. Yoga is not meant to give you pain, and if you are receiving any pain doing anything, please let me know, so that I can find the accurate adaptation for your body."

Some significant tips to reckon concerning your communication with students, while carrying on your yoga workshop:

1) Be clear and accurate with directions. Sometimes an asana can be taught without giving exclusive demonstrations.

2) Alter the volume of your voice according to the situation. For instance, you can use a higher, louder and stronger tone for a more demanding asana, and a more flaccid one for a more relaxing posture.

3) Select appropriate words to generate effects and feelings, from elaborated anatomical muscular and skeletal directions to poetic imaging propositions.

4) Select a dialogue that is based on the current and instant reflection of what is actually happening. Guide the class and individuals in the desired direction. Stay flexible so that you can change the course of your direction depending on how the class is progressing and how well you know your students.

5) Avoid using any written script.

The numerous practices of yoga have apparently evolved and formulated many paths with every yoga form that has come forth. This has created a fusion of various approaches in what we see today in yoga world. Many approaches have been included in the yoga styles from outside realms like dance, martial arts, gymnastics, functional anatomy and physical therapy, which continue to get inculcated in yogic practices to develop and refine into further new approaches.

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Hair Wigs: Some of the Best Hair Wigs Available Online

Hair Wigs: Some of the Best Hair Wigs Available Online

It doesn't matter if you are bored of the way your regular hair looks, or want to have a different oomph factor while attending a special occasion; if you are amongst those who want to experiment with your looks while keeping your identity and persona still intact - then hair wigs are something that can help you a lot in getting that stylish look you've always dreamed of. More here>>>
Tips On Buying Artificial Christmas Tree

Tips On Buying Artificial Christmas Tree

An integral ritual of celebrating Christmas involves decorating a Christmas tree.
While, there have been some typically defined and popular real tree species for Christmas, it is advisable to choose for an artificial Christmas tree because of many reasons owing to avoiding deforestation, having a tree that runs in a long run and prevents litter.Here are some tips that can help you in deciding the perfect Christmas tree for you. More here >>>

5' Charlie Pine Artificial Christmas Tree - UnlitPre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree, Clear3' Pre-Lit Double Petal Reflector Artificial Christmas Tree Clear Lights #H808372' Canadian Pine Artificial Christmas Tree - Unlit7.5' Prelit Dunhill Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights

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