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Trust: How Simple yet complicated is it?

“I trust you and I have full faith in your actions and your decisions. I am with you, so just go ahead!”
Though as simple and magical as these words sound, just as complicated are the possibilities of them coming from someone, right from the core of their hearts. It gets even tougher when people are close to you especially your parents, relatives and spouse.
I’ve always been told right from my childhood, that you must strive to prove your worth to yourself only and no one else. I lived my life following this principle. I’ve a very healthy respect for who I am and what I think and I am nowhere blinded by pride or false self esteem. I am really thankful for my being.
But, does the world see you the same way? May be yes! But, what about the people you love and who love you? I agree they have the rights on your life but does that mean you have to prove yourself in front of them at every simple second of your life?
From my experiences, I sometimes really doubt if the people who love me so…

Love - Do we choose it or is it the other way round?

Love - what comes in your mind when you read this word? I remember when I was a kid, I could associate "Love" with my parents and my sister. I never believed in love stories and our Bollywood movies made everything look even more unrealistic for me to believe in them. Till my teenage years, I used to think that love stories were a part of novels, stories and movies only. They could never take place in real life, and I was the last person ever to fall in love with anyone on a "romantic" level.
Then came to my life a poem written by Kahlil Gibran on Love which I am listing below:

When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.
For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your p…

First Look: Les Petits- India’s first multi brand luxury store for children's apparel and furniture

(Press Release) 

"Les Petits launches India first luxury multi-brand luxury store for Children in Emporio, New Delhi."

Les Petits, India’s first multi brand luxury store for kids’ apparel and furniture unveils its flagship store at DLF Emporio, New Delhi.
'I Pinco Pallino', 'Fendi' Kids, 'Miss Blumarine' and Baby 'Dior' are some of the eminent brands offered that cater to children in the age group of 0-8 years. The globally celebrated furniture brand, 'Theophile and Patchou' is also retailed at Les Petits store exclusively.
The store has been designed by famous Italian architects, Lino Losanno and Lorenzo Perini. They have ensured that the store detailing is apt for young children encouraging them to spend time in the store along with their mothers deciding what they want.
Bathed in warm inviting light, the 1500 square feet store is beautifully done up in shades of white and lilac with touches of gold in the form of little dazzling gold…

Credit Card Tips for College Goers

If you are studying in a college you might have probably owned a credit card already; and if you don’t have one and are planning for the same soon, then there are certain things you should keep in mind before getting into this whole business of managing and using credit cards.
Even though you as a college student might feel a bit confused about your state of being somewhere between teenage and adulthood; if you have a credit card, that means you are grown up enough to start taking charge of your finances and manage them in an appropriate manner. The sooner you learn to do that, the better you’d find proper ways of spending, saving and managing money. With correct decisions you’d gain confidence, satisfaction that will guarantee peaceful and trouble-free future years ahead.
Let us look into some aspects of what getting a credit card, holds for you:
Good Things:
1) With so many credit cards schemes these days, it is quite easy and effortless for a college student to get a credit card.

Fendi And Maserati Launch The Maserati Grancabrio Fendi At The Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The Frankfurt Motor show is being held from the 13th to 25th September 2011. It will witness the coming together of two of Italy’s Iconic luxury houses -Fendi and Maserati. The collaboration of the two brands is based on common values of craftsmanship and traditions, Maserati and Fendi are proud to showcase their first joint creation Maserati GranCabrio Fendi.

Maserati GranCabrio is crafted at the historical Maserati headquarters at Modena, using materials and colors produced for this project designed by Silvia Fendi. A masterpiece in technology and craftsmanship, the car has a three-layered dark grey body color named Grigio Fiamma Fendi, developed specially for the Maserati GranCabrio and is combined with a gold finish on the surface.

Fendi’s famous Selleria leather has been used for the gear lever and the profiles of the floor mats. A silver oval plaque with engraving of the Maserati trident, the Fendi logo and the 5 digit series number (five being an iconic number for Fendi) is lo…

The Skoda Prize 2011 Announces The Top Twenty

New Delhi, 21st September 2011: The Škoda Prize for Indian Contemporary Art announced the list of the Top Twenty Best Solo Exhibitions to be held in the country in the last one year. Out of 128 entries received from all across the country, the jury declared the top twenty finalists after much deliberation. The Longlist comprises of 20 contemporary Indian artists at various points of success in their career as well as working in a wide variety of media. It comprises of artists from all across the country; and ranges from artists who have been exhibiting for more than a decade to those who have only just had their debut solo exhibitions. The Škoda Prize Top Twenty 2011 catalogue will showcase the best of Indian contemporary art in the year 2010-2011 and will act as a leveler wherein artists who are yet to be famous will share space with India’s most celebrated artists.

With solo shows in London, Berlin, Chicago in 2010 Jitish Kallat, one of India’s most successful artists finds his way …

Review: Yana Sizzlers Restaurant at Koramangala 5th Block

Last weekend, I and my husband decided to check out this newly opened Yana Sizzlers Restaurant located at Koramangala 5th block, Bangalore. The thing that attracted us the most was the ambience and moreover we were bored of the regular meals and stuffs we used to have at our usual eat outs. The restaurant is a small cozy place with lovely and comfortable interiors and lighting. It is stretched over 2 floors only and might accommodate around 25-30 people at each floor.

About Yana Sizzlers Restaurant:

'Yana' the word is a very nice catch phrase which means please come or come again. The menu consists of tongue tickling recipes specially created with your choice spate your appetite. Every dish is meticulously prepared and visually appealing which will make your experience a memorable one.
My experience at Yana Sizzlers Restaurant The moment I sat down at a table, I was intrigued by seeing the pencils in a pen stand there. As I began to wonder, what purpose these pencils had on a dinn…

Puts your patience on test – The Horrendous experience with Airtel Customer Care service, INDIA

After having a bad service from Reliance webworld, it was my mistake to praise Airtel for their "nice" service. I don’t know if I have some jinx attached to me regarding internet and web services but past few days have been a little too much to test my patience.

I'd been an Airtel customer since 8 years now and I was always quite happy with them regarding the mobile connection and internet broadband service too till last week. Little did I know that my happy bubble built in past 8 years would break so shatteringly in past 8 days. Here, I tell you how:
I was about to shift to my new home on August 14th, 2011 and hence I raised a transfer request of my airtel internet broadband connection and telephone landline service on August 8th. At the time of request they told me that it would take "MAX" 10 days for the transfer to be done (i.e. by August 18th, it should be done) and you'll be charged additional 300 bucks for that. I was ok with it, but just to know the s…

For T-shirt Hoarders and Coffee Cup Lovers

For T-shirt Hoarders and Coffee Cup Lovers
Have you ever wondered why people go so crazy about hoarding the T-shirts more than any other casual dress? Do you have a fetish for T-shirts as well? Apart from the comfort factor, I've seen that many of my friends (including my husband) are more focused on what a T-shirt has to say from its slogan, instead of its color or texture. As a matter of fact, that is the thing that attracts us all to a particular T-shirt at first glance. It is true that T-shirts definitely have to power to project your personality to the outside world. What you think and feel can be put into an analogy on what your T-shirt slogan sports.
Here let me share with you an instance of the impact a T-shirt slogan can create. I read it in some magazine sometime back:  On a trip back from the Middle East, Iraqi blogger and activist Raed Jarrar was not allowed toboard a flight at JFK Airport in New York because he was wearing a T-shirt that said 'We will not be silent

A very Annoying Experience with Reliance Webworld, Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore

Last weekend, I and my husband went to Reliance Webworld located at Forum Mall, Koramangala, to book a video conference for official purpose. When we went there and talked to a lady regarding that, she said we had to buy a 225 Rupees package for 9 hours Video Chat. I felt something weird in this and clarified her that we needed a Video Conference room for official communication and not any video chatting thing, to which she said that during morning hours, usually all these computers are free and you won't get any disturbance from anyone, etc.etc.
Even after repeatedly telling her that we need a "Video Conference" for the "Official reasons" she kept on talking the same thing. I even pointed her to Video Conference rooms and asked her about that, to which she didn't reply anything and was head on in forcing us to get tat Rs.225 package. We thought, may be this is procedure for that and agreed.
After paying for the package, she asked us what software would we …

Pics of the day - Photographs by National Geographic

I received these amazing photopgraphs in a forwarded mail this morning and they were so refreshing and breath taking to look at that I couldn't stop myself from sharing them here with you guys. Just check them out yourself and enjoy:

Greece - Oia Santorini 

Brazil - Piraputanga fish in Sucuri river

Egypt - The Pyramids
Yemen - Al-Saleh Masque
Praying Mantis
USA - Thunderstorm in Montana
Hong Kong - A lightning bolt strikes the antenna of The Center building in Central
China - River Bank in Zhenyuan, Guizhou Province
Mountain fog
Herring Gull with Guillemot Chick
Little fly on a small white flower
Great Blue Heron with fish
Indonesia - Suradita Village, West Java - children playing with their roosters

Mount Everest climber
Warminster, England
China - Feeding Koi fish at Windows of the World, Shenzhen 
Bee - purple flower
Himalayas - Buddhist Monastery of Ki
Which one of these did you like the most?