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10 Simple Steps for Manifestation

10 Simple Steps for Manifestation

The Manifestation Wheel: A Practical Process for Creating Miracles

Manifestation is a powerful mind tool that very few actually understand. Believe it or not, your thoughts create reality and you have the power to achieve whatever you desire. We live in a world without limits. The only thing that holds you back is yourself.

Many great minds have known this throughout history. Here are just a few examples:

"You create your own universe as you go along" ~ Winston Churchill
"All that we are is a result of what we have thought" ~ Buddha
"What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists." ~ Alexander Graham Bell
"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein
"Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve" ~ W. Clement Stone

Here, I am sharing a list of 10 Manifestation Steps that will help you make the most from your Manifestation sessions.
1. Relax your mind, body, and soul. You should be totally relaxed and allow positive energy engulf your entire being.
2. Let your mind blockages go, and open your spiritual mind.
3. Once you reached an altered Conscious State, it's time to start working on the thing you want to manifest.
4. Picture yourself extremely happy and satisfied where you are feeling content.
5. Imagine that you have already accomplished your goal.
6. Focus on the good feelings of reaching your dream.
7. Use only positive words and thoughts. Do not use any negative words whatsoever.
8. Linger on the good feelings, and imagine that it is really happening.
9. Speak the words and vocalize how you achieved your success.
10. Believe you already conquered your goals with all your heart.

The hardest part of this process is the first 3 steps. An uneasy mind leads to a dead end road. It can take extensive practice and intense training to learn how to change your brain waves in order to obtain the proper manifestation mindset, but attaining the proper mindset is essential for Manifestation in it's fullest effect.
From the Secret Scroll

From the Secret Scroll

If you are complaining about things in your life, you are on the complaining frequency, and you are not in a position to attract what you want.

Get on to the frequency of good with your thoughts and words. Firstly you will feel good, and secondly you will be on the frequency of receiving more good.

May the joy be with you
My Dream Diary – Day 1

My Dream Diary – Day 1

I've been having some really weird and disturbing dreams since quite a time now, and since I forget them the very next day, I am thinking to make a journal of it now and analyze their patterns later.

Yesterday, I dreamt of entering a huge museum kind of building with my hubby. There wasn't anyone inside the building, but I could see a huge hall with superb interiors and lightening. The moment I entered and saw the hall, I was amazed to see that the hall had all the symbols, collections and souvenir of every religion being followed around the world. On the left wall, I could see many Hindu Gods and Goddesses, their paintings – small and large; for the more prominent Gods, there were statues hanging in glass casings and garlands on them. I was staring at them and walking too at the same time, and now I came to the center of the hall.
The moment I saw the door from which we entered, I saw that it was raining outside, it was day time and some water was also coming inside the door by wind. Hubby was talking to the owner or some man, I don't know.

The wall that was on the door's side had all Christian religious symbols on it. It had all the paintings and statues related to Jesus, Mary, all the priests and other great events on it. I went along the wall looking at every piece it had, and then I didn't realize, but I was climbing a slope while watching the wall. The symbols now had moved on too, there was some different religion being displayed at this section... It had some weird symbols, some iron made pieces which I didn't understand, some masks and amulets which I couldn't recognize. I kept on moving looking at them and reached the dead end.

At the highest point of the slope there was an ancient stone carving that looked like traditional flour mill to me. There were two such mill-like things- one was hanging from the ceiling and the other was directly below it, and there was a drop of water dripping from it.

The moment I saw, someone from behind told me that it is a Shrine, but I couldn't get the name. I immediately climbed down the slope and saw a door to go out of the building next to it. My hubby was standing there, still talking to someone and while talking he went out the door.

I looked around and began to see those weird symbols and hangings again, and saw that there was a real-life-sized shining statue of a crocodile too, that was bright fluorescent green in color and had creepy bright yellow eyes. Its tail was made in a way that it was lying parallel to the wall, while resting on it, making it look like the crocodile had climbed down the wall that moment.

I looked at the statue for sometime and somehow for no reason and because of the intense silence, began to feel scared of it. But, still I kept on assuring that this is just a statue, and I kept looking at it, while unconsciously moving back towards the opposite wall. Within a moment, I saw the statue blink its yellow eye and I stood frozen. And then I heard some words that crocodile said to me (I was stuck at the rear end of the wall, looking at the crocodile from its behind), "Yes, I can move." As threatening gesture it just moved its small front claw but didn’t turn back nor did it move its head. I felt pinned down to the wall with fear and couldn't move. Then I saw two toy like small animals both in bright colors (Bright pink and bright yellow) dropping from nowhere in front of crocodile statue. The statue went after them to eat them up and I escaped from the building out of the door.

After that too I saw some weird things, and some unknown people. I saw some old age building that looked like a school to me, where kids were studying and I saw my grad. college girls too there, wearing Sarees and getting dressed for some occasion. I was frantically searching for someone to help me with my saree, but I was unable to get any room. There were some guys too, who I've never seen and I don't know who were they. I saw my wedding ring and my heart skipped a beat that one of the three diamonds had fallen from it. I dropped down to find the diamond but was aghast to see that there were millions of similar kind of stones lying on the floor, and I couldn't find the one that I had on my ring...And then I woke up!

If anyone of you is a dream analyzer, I'd really want you to please interpret it. I've been having similar kind of weird dreams since more than a month now. No matter how much I meditate or think positive or program my mind, such unknown and irrelevant dreams always creep in and scare the hell out of me. I am still shaken after yesterday night's dream and hence thought of doing something to stop them up.

I'd be glad if any of you can help me out.
Procedure for Registered Marriage in Bangalore, INDIA

Procedure for Registered Marriage in Bangalore, INDIA

Procedure for Registered Marriage in Bangalore, INDIA

I am writing this post from my personal experience on the complete procedure of getting registered marriage done at Bangalore. I don't take responsibility of any change that happens to this, or if you have to pay more at any of the steps. The post is entirely based on my experience with the process and here it goes, which I believe may be helpful for many people who want to get registered marriage done while staying in India.
From the Secret Scroll

From the Secret Scroll

When things change in our life, often we have resistance to the change. But if you understand the structure of the Universe, life, and creation, then you will understand that life is change, and nothing ever stands still. Everything is energy, and energy is in continual motion and change. If energy stood still you would be gone, and there would be no life.

Change is always happening for the good of you and for everyone. It is the evolution of life.

May the joy be with you,
Thank you little sis!

Thank you little sis!

This post is entirely dedicated to my sister, who despite being 7 years younger to me, has been my Rock. I always considered her to be a fragile little being, but she has surprised me so much since past few years with her emotional strength, serenity, matured decisiveness and support, that I am simply in awe of her. She hardly ever discussed her problems with me, but always patiently listened to every problem I had, and would give surprisingly matured and practical solutions too.

Despite being the youngest in our family, I believe that she has been the strongest pillar that kept all of us bound together, despite some major differences and heart breaks. She gave emotional support to me, when I needed it the most. And she equally took care of mom and dad, when they weren't feeling too good about all the happenings going around them.

Today, I really want to thank her with all my heart and bless her with all happiness, love, prosperity and success in her life. With loads of tensions overloaded on her little shoulders, she managed to carry everything so well, without getting fatigued even once and here I salute you for your perfection. I am sooo proud of you Mini and I simply can't stop thanking you enough...!!!

Love you always... xoxoxo

We took the oath

Life has its own twists and turns, but there are some major steps in our lives that we take just in order to enter a whole new world, while staying in this life only. The first step was solely done by God, by sending us to our beloved parents and get us well nurtured in their loving and caring shelter. The second step is again driven by God only, though it requires us to work (a lot sometimes!), when we find our soul mate in this human life and promise to spend our lives together as long as we live, and hopefully later in the higher worlds too.

I am pleased to tell all my readers here, that I and Mr.A ( Lets keep it this way!! :P ) got married on 8th March, 2011 by God's grace and with the blessings and good wishes of our parents and friends. I am still too much overwhelmed to write anymore here about this. So, just sharing a pic here!! :) :)

Spirituality is in Being Grateful

Spirituality is in Being Grateful

We all are spiritual beings, and I am not talking about any religion here. Being religious does not necessary count you as a spiritual being. Even people, who consider themselves to be atheists, tend to be spiritual in some way or the other at some points of their lives, depending upon the situations.

Spirituality may even mean differently for different people. For someone, spirituality is in waking up whole night and chanting mantras/prayer, for some it might be meditating on their breath or on a candle flick for 2 hours. For me, spirituality is basically the feeling of gratitude. When I feel grateful for little or big things in my life, for all the people I have in my life - I feel spiritual. I believe that love and gratitude can be the highest emotion one can feel while they are alive. Every day, I like to spend few moments thanking for all the good things I have in my life - like my wonderful clothes, my secured job, my comfortable and peaceful home.

When it comes to thanking people, it is my daily habit to first thank God for giving me this beautiful life, and then to my parents for making me what I am today.

These days, they are quite angry with me, just because I chose to follow my heart's desire, which was highly contradicting what they wanted for me. But, I believe that prayers, love and emotional healing can bring us all together with happiness and bliss soon for sure.

Belief comes from awareness and acceptance, so be in an attitude of gratitude as much as you can. I've been an active member of this wonderful website - www.gratitudelog.com, and if you believe that by thanking for things you already have, you will bring more of such things in your life to be thankful for, then this is the place for you to be.

A very simple exercise of just being thankful for 5 simple things/people in your life daily, can do a great change in your thought process and how you perceive things. Do, try it out and let me know your experience! :)
From the Secret Scrolls

From the Secret Scrolls

When a big change occurs in your life it forces you to change direction. Sometimes the new path may not be easy, but you can be absolutely certain that there is magnificence for you on the new path. You can be absolutely certain that the new path contains things that you could not have experienced otherwise.

When we look back at a negative event that occurred in the past, we often see how in fact it transformed our life. We see how that event directed us toward a life that we would not change for anything.

May the joy be with you,
Signs from The Universe

Signs from The Universe

Would you like to know the secret on how can one become really good at manifesting?

The secret is actually very simple.  Live your life with your eyes and ears wide open.  The universe operates with certain laws that ALWAYS work.  One of them is that the moment you ask for something, the universe has to answer.

Small signs will start appearing everywhere.  The trick to go from small items to bigger items is to say thank you whenever something magical happens in your life.  This is where most people completely get it wrong.
They start asking the universe for bigger and bigger things without ever appreciating the present.  There is so much for you to be grateful for and to appreciate RIGHT NOW.

If you cannot see that, then there is no way you will ever be able to turn the cycle around in your favor.

So, start to make gratitude a daily habit and say thank you every single day for all of the miracles that are already in your present.  Once you do, and you have to truly mean it, then the doors of the universe will swing wide open and you will become more and more powerful at manifesting.

So, start right now and let the universe know what you are grateful for. What are you grateful for today?
When God Created Mothers by Erma Bombeck

When God Created Mothers by Erma Bombeck

I read this story by Erma Bombeck long back in “Chicken soup for mother’s souls” and just felt like sharing it here today. I might not have exactly copy pasted her words in narrating the story, but that doesn’t matter as long as the meaning and message of the story is clear to you! Read and enjoy:

When God decided to create mothers, he had a tough time in the beginning looking at the demands the model required. It was already his sixth day of overtime, when the angels appeared and said - "You are doing a lot of fiddling around on this one."

And the Lord said - "Have you read the specifications on this order?"

"She has to be completely washable, but not plastic;
Have 180 movable parts...all replaceable;
Run on black coffee and leftovers;
Have a lap that disappears when she stands up;
A kiss that can cure anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair;
And six pair of hands."

The angel shook her head slowly and said - "Six pairs of hands? No way."

"It is not the hands that are creating problems for me.", said the Lord in a serious voice.
"It is the three pair of eyes that mothers need to have."

"Is that on the standard model?” asked the angel shockingly.

The Lord nodded and said - "One pair to see through the closed doors when she'd ask ‘What are you kids doing in there?’, when she already knows. The second pair in the back of her head to see what she shouldn't but needs to know, and the usual ones in front so that she can see the child who says - "I understand and I love you, without so much as uttering a word."

"Dear Lord!", said the angel touching his sleeve gently, "You can take some rest and go to bed now. Tomorrow - "

"I can't", said the Lord, "I am so close to creating something, which is so close to myself. I've already made her capable enough to heal herself when she is sick, able to feed a family of six on a single bun and the power to comfort everyone right from a six year old child to a sixty year old guy."

The angel quietly touched the unfinished model and slowly said - "It is too soft."
"But tough!", said the Lord excitedly. "You can not imagine what mothers can take and endure. Her tolerance is set to the maximum level."

"Can it think?"

"Indeed yes, and can reason and compromise as well.”, said the Lord.

The angel then bent over the model and ran her finger across the cheek, “There is a leak", she said, "I told you, you were trying too much efforts on this particular model."

"It is not a leak", said the Lord grimly, "But a tear."
"What is it for?"
"It is for the joy, disappointment, pain, pride, sadness, loneliness and triumph of her kids."

"Wow!! You are a genius!”, said the angel thoroughly impressed.
The Lord looked gloomy at this and said - "I didn't make her that."
From The Secret Daily Teachings

From The Secret Daily Teachings

You can most certainly help others through your thoughts, and they can help you. Every good thought you send to another is a living force. However, the person you are sending the thought to has to be asking for the same thing you are sending. If the person does not want it, then they are not in harmony with your thought frequency, and it will not penetrate them.

You cannot create in another's life against their will, but if it is something they want, your thoughts are a real force that helps them.

May the joy be with you

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