Procedure for Registered Marriage in Bangalore, INDIA

Procedure for Registered Marriage in Bangalore, INDIA

I am writing this post from my personal experience on the complete procedure of getting registered marriage done at Bangalore. I don't take responsibility of any change that happens to this, or if you have to pay more at any of the steps. The post is entirely based on my experience with the process and here it goes, which I believe may be helpful for many people who want to get registered marriage done while staying in India.

Below are certain conditions that are entertained while registering your marriage in India:

1) Not Already Married
 - Both the partners of same religion.
 - Both the partners of different religion.

2) Already married
 - Both the partners of same religion.
 - Both the partners of different religion.

I am going to explain the most complicated process below that is the one in which both partners belong to separate religion and have not yet got married. Rest all others are much simpler than this one and you can suffice by wedding card, wedding pics, address proofs and photo identification cards. I couldn't find any proper online documentation of this process in which both bride and groom belong to different religion and want to get married, so writing it here:

Documents needed:

1) Address proof: It is important that for any kind of registeration of your marriage (irrespective of you are already married or not), you go to the registrar office that lies in your area of residence, or the area for which you have valid address proof. The valid address proof for the registration requires only ONE of the partners to have any of the following documents with them that are identified by Indian Govt and that claims their current residence in the city as well as in the area, :

 - Voter's ID
 - Ration Card
 - Driving License.
 - Passport

If you don't have any of these address proofs, you have to take any of the Govt sent document like your transport card and even rental agreement to the city's tehsildaar office and get a proper address proof document from them. For people residing in Bangalore, you can take the documents to the Tehsildar office at Majestic, Landmark Kid's shop and get the document done. Usually, it is done by brokers, who can charge an amount of 1500-2000 bucks from you for the document and make it done within 3-4 days. We paid an amount of 1500 initially, but for some unknown reason the broker asked us to pay extra 500 INR for the document after 3-4 days. I know, you might fume and thrash on this, but somehow that is how things are done in India.

However, the other partner also needs to have at least some address proof to claim his/her stay in India.

2) Passport size photographs (Total 8): You will need 5 passport size pics to attach initially in the documents while submitting your application and later 3, for the marriage certificates.

3) Photo identification documents: You can use your driving license, passport or any other govt. issued document that has your name and photo identification in it for this.

For unmarried couples of different religion, your marriage will be covered under Special Marriage Act and the process requires you to fill up two forms - one general form with your and your would-be's details, address, age, parents name etc. and the other specifically for Special marriage act that requires you to enter the same details and religion along with some signatures, declarations, photocopy of address proofs and photo identification cards. Both the forms cost Rs.30/- each.

Once the forms are submitted, you'll need to get them signed by the Sub-Registrar officer of the office. He will sign it after checking your identification cards and after seeing that all the details are correct. After his signature, your data will be fed in their online database and 5 printouts will be made, on which you'd have to attach your pics and sign on them. Once all this is done, you hand over the documents to the officer and have to pay an amount of Rs.33/- for which you'd get a receipt. Your application is submitted now.

For special marriage act in India, both the partners have to serve a notice period of 30 days, after which they can come and get married any time within a span of 90 days. During this notice period, the documents are validated for their addresses and other details. You will be intimated of any violation in case they find something contradicting your records, or if anyone objects to the marriage on legal reasons (like earlier marriage with someone and on some religious norms of their religion etc.). However, objections raised by parents, siblings and other family members without any legal proofs are not entertained.

Once the notice period is served, both the partners can go to the registrar office for wedding registration any time within the span of 90 days along with the original receipt, 3 witnesses and 3 separate photographs. They have to attach the pics and sign the marriage certificates. Three copies of the certificates are made; one is kept with the registrar office, one is given to the bride and the other to the groom. The witnesses also have to sign the certificate against their names. Once the signing is done, both bride and groom have to read a marriage oath in front of the officer, who after that declares them as man and wife. You will have to pay Rs.82/- for this for which you'd get a receipt as well.

P.S: Do not laminate your marriage certificate, as then it will not be approved by the Govt. Keep it safe the way it is. You can also later collect the scanned copy from the registrar office.
Also, every second Saturday is holiday at Bangalore's Registrar office - Koramangala. So, plan accordingly.

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