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Instrumental - Dil Ibaadat on my piano

My take on Dil Ibaadat song from movie "Tum Miley". I played the music on my Yamaha PSR E143 and recorded Panasonic SDR - H85.

The quality may not be that apt:
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Do let me know your opinion.

My Canvasses of Colors

Creation is always a thrill, and it is natural. Whenever we create something, it holds a special place in our hearts. My mom tells me that the first artwork that I ever made was with her "bindi packets" and I stuck them on walls making various patterns. Since then, my life has been filled with canvases of various colored and black & white paintings, scattered in my memories. A few of them I don't mind leaving the way they've been, but there are certain black and white paintings, I definitely would love to see in colors; see in life!

My Parents' Wedding Photos
My childhood memories have been captured in colors and I cherish looking at them all the time. In my album, apart from those captures there are some wedding pics of my parents too that are all black and white. My mom had always been the most beautiful woman, I've ever seen and her bridal pictures and youth, captured in black and white certainly make me more curious to sit in a Time machine, go back t…

I wonder How Colors Look Like!

A regular day with regular needs,
I went to buy some groceries, Holi, the festival of colors was around, And I had to make some delicacies
The place I lived, had in its behind, A school of people, who were all blind, As I crossed the road to reach the shop, I saw a familiar little girl, And I came to a stop, She was all alone, Waiting to go to the other side, I asked her, if I could help, She didn't take a step,
And she kept quiet

I asked again and touched her face, She didn't flinch, but nodded a yes, I held her hand and crossed the road, I asked her - "Where do you want to go?", She said - "I have to wait here for my Miss", I couldn't leave her there unaccompanied
We took a bench and sat their for a while, I asked her name and talked about her school and life, She was happy to answer and she smiled, She asked me about my rife, I said I had to buy some sweets, And had to get some clothes and tweeds, At that moment she fell quiet
And then she asked - "Its Holi isn't it?&…

A composition - Mitti ki Khushbu instrumental

A composition I made for a song I heard in my dreams. Yeah I know sounds weird. But thats how it is. Here just recorded the instrumental part on my Yamaha PSR E413. I recorded using the Panasonic SDR H85 handycam, but didn't get very nice quality. is the composition. Do listen and let me know your opinion!! :) It might take some time for the player to start the song.

Till now I've not added the lyrics to the song, but will do that soon!! :)

Weirdness of the day: Island of the dolls

What would you feel if you land on an island that has no living creature except for weird dolls? I've seen such scary living dolls in haunted movies, but seeing this in real was something quite unnerving to me.

Check the details below:

Isn't it spooky? What do you think about it???

Note: The above information is classified in "Ripley's Believe or not" archives.

Weirdness of the day: Roof Attack

I have abandoned this blog since quite sometime now so I thought of starting something new and fresh here. Will be sharing certain weird and interesting photos and information with you guys now on. Here is one to start with:

So, what do you have to say about it? :D

Note: The information is classified in Ripley's believe it or not archive