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Review: Yana Sizzlers Restaurant at Koramangala 5th Block

Last weekend, I and my husband decided to check out this newly opened Yana Sizzlers Restaurant located at Koramangala 5th block, Bangalore. The thing that attracted us the most was the ambience and moreover we were bored of the regular meals and stuffs we used to have at our usual eat outs. The restaurant is a small cozy place with lovely and comfortable interiors and lighting. It is stretched over 2 floors only and might accommodate around 25-30 people at each floor.

About Yana Sizzlers Restaurant:

'Yana' the word is a very nice catch phrase which means please come or come again. The menu consists of tongue tickling recipes specially created with your choice spate your appetite. Every dish is meticulously prepared and visually appealing which will make your experience a memorable one.

My experience at Yana Sizzlers Restaurant
The moment I sat down at a table, I was intrigued by seeing the pencils in a pen stand there. As I began to wonder, what purpose these pencils had on a dinner table, I took a look at the table mats. The table mats were normal brown disposable sheets with lots of games on it like criss-cross, crossword puzzle, guess the word, dots and boxes etc. I and my husband spent a good time playing those games and guessing stuffs while we waited for the food to arrive. I was so much engrossed in solving the puzzles of both mine and my husband's table mat (both were different), that I forgot to take the pic of the mat.

We had ordered Barbeque chicken sizzler with Schezwan Sauce and Lamb Chilly Sizzler with Garlic pepper sauce. Our food arrived within 10-15 minutes of our order and it was literally smoking hot. The smoke was wafting off it and along with the hot sauces it literally made me cough. However, the smoke subsided after some time and all we got to have were some real delicious sizzlers. I've had sizzlers only twice before this and I must say that this was the best amongst all. The vegetables especially the spinach, peas and corns were the best of the lot. Very well cooked and fresh! The chicken was tender and along with the sauce tasted heavenly. We had a real good time there and the food was definitely quite amazing.

Check out some pics below:

BBQ Chicken Sizzler with Schezwan sauce

Lamb chilly sizzler  with garlic pepper sauce- Can you see the glimpse of table mats with games? :D

Barbeque Chicken Sizzler: INR 360/-
Lamb Chilly Sizzler: INR 470/-

Below is the rate card on the scale of 5:

Taste:                4.5/5
Ambience:         4/5
Price:                 3.5/5
Service:             4/5

Location (as per internet browsing):

Yana Sizzlers
Rating: 2.5/5 Stars
Phone number for Yana Sizzlers, Bangalore 080 25505538, 080 25505542

Have you been to Yana Sizzlers Restaurant? Share your experience with me in your comments below 
Puts your patience on test – The Horrendous experience with Airtel Customer Care service, INDIA

Puts your patience on test – The Horrendous experience with Airtel Customer Care service, INDIA

After having a bad service from Reliance webworld, it was my mistake to praise Airtel for their "nice" service. I don’t know if I have some jinx attached to me regarding internet and web services but past few days have been a little too much to test my patience.

I'd been an Airtel customer since 8 years now and I was always quite happy with them regarding the mobile connection and internet broadband service too till last week. Little did I know that my happy bubble built in past 8 years would break so shatteringly in past 8 days. Here, I tell you how:

I was about to shift to my new home on August 14th, 2011 and hence I raised a transfer request of my airtel internet broadband connection and telephone landline service on August 8th. At the time of request they told me that it would take "MAX" 10 days for the transfer to be done (i.e. by August 18th, it should be done) and you'll be charged additional 300 bucks for that. I was ok with it, but just to know the status I called these guys on August 12th and asked them if they could come and do the transfer on Saturday (August 13th) itself as I was shifting in the same locality and also my new home already had an airtel connection that just needed activation. The customer care guy in his sweet honey coated voice agreed and said that it will be done on the weekend. I waited and waited for whole weekend - no one came.

I again called them on Tuesday - August 16th for the connection - they said the same thing, "It will be done by end of the day". I told them clearly that I need the internet connection as I’ve taken “work from home” option and I can’t work till they get me the connection. They “Updated” it in their “Database” and said that they’ve put it on “High priority” and “Urgent” and everything will be done “ASAP”. Nothing happened and so another day passed and nothing happened.

The most annoying thing of calling customer care center is that there is no direct way to talk to the customer care representative. Here is the whole process which I feel you note it down in case you really want to talk to the person for "HELP". It might save your time, energy, money and some frustration.

Press 1 for English
Press 1 for airtel broadband connection subscriber
Press 1 to enter the telephone number
Press the number
Press 1 to confirm
Press 5 for other queries
Press 9 for talking to customer care executive.

The days passed and passed and I kept on calling them daily twice and thrice, following the above mentioned idiotic process. Every day the customer care people would tell me the same thing - "We have updated the status, we have put it as high priority and it will be done by end of the day". Till now I've not seen their end of the day, and it is already August 22nd today.

Another annoying thing I experienced while talking to customer care people is that, I got my mobile number changed in their database some months ago but I seriously don't know what kind of temporary databases they are following that they still refer to my old number. Heights of frustration happened to me when despite calling them everyday thrice from my number and getting it updated daily, I'd end up listening to the same old number from them, the very next day.

I am really pissed off with such poor services that had happened with Airtel in past 8 days. If this is the way they solve their “High Priority” issues and complains then I don’t even want to know what they do to other complains and requests. 
I don't want to spend even a single penny on them and want to get my internet connection changed as fast as I can. I swear to bang their instrument and modem on their face if they come anywhere near to me now. I'd request you to please suggest me some good internet broadband connection available in Bangalore.

Update (August 24th, 2011) : After annoying me for so long, they have finally said that they can't transfer the connection because of "technical issues" and hence asking me to cancel it. 

Someone tell me how is that possible? The place where I've moved to already has an airtel connection there, which just needs activation. How much "Technical expertise" is needed in doing that, can someone please answer me?

If you've had any similar experience then please share it with me in your comments below
For T-shirt Hoarders and Coffee Cup Lovers

For T-shirt Hoarders and Coffee Cup Lovers

For T-shirt Hoarders and Coffee Cup Lovers

Have you ever wondered why people go so crazy about hoarding the T-shirts more than any other casual dress? Do you have a fetish for T-shirts as well? Apart from the comfort factor, I've seen that many of my friends (including my husband) are more focused on what a T-shirt has to say from its slogan, instead of its color or texture. As a matter of fact, that is the thing that attracts us all to a particular T-shirt at first glance. It is true that T-shirts definitely have to power to project your personality to the outside world. What you think and feel can be put into an analogy on what your T-shirt slogan sports.

Here let me share with you an instance of the impact a T-shirt slogan can create. I read it in some magazine sometime back: 
On a trip back from the Middle East, Iraqi blogger and activist Raed Jarrar was not allowed to  board a flight at JFK Airport in New York because he was wearing a T-shirt that said 'We will not be silent' in both English and Arabic. Airport security forced him to change his T-shirt saying that it was like "going into a bank with a T-shirt reading “I am a bank robber".

So, you see! T-shirts are definitely powerful and no one takes them lightly at all. They have the power to strike fear into people's minds, make them consciously or subconsciously think about an emotion, a brand, a cause or a person. These soft and comfy items of clothing that just about everybody wears as a mark of streetwise cool or fashion item or even an undergarment, can be the real sources of mass enlightenment or the real weapons of mass destruction.

As a matter of fact, this modest cotton garment has actually gone through a lot of front-line action over the years, right from the First World War to the barricades outside meetings of the World Trade Organization today.  The power statement they make by their slogans has made them number one choice amongst all the cause events and activities that need to be appealed to the masses. And it has also become the most famous marketing tools for business enterprises.

Today we have plethora of options available in these T-shirts where slogans belong to various zones of fun, entertainment, sports, music, mathematics and science. While browsing for some cool slogans, I came across these amazing big bang theory t shirts, which might remind you of your science lessons; just that these are a lot cooler. Check out some pictures below:
big bang theory t-shirt

big bang theory t-shirt
big bang theory t-shirt
big bang theory t-shirt

The way my husband collects T-shirts, I collect coffee cups. I am a huge fan of cool and funky coffee cup designs, and I feel that they really spice up my boring computer job that I do almost whole day. There is so much innovation and creativity going on in coffee cup designs and it is really fun to check them out. Below are some of the pictures I found while browsing Cafepress website:

Punch coffee mug
Punch Coffee Mug
Dunk mug
Dunk Mug
Camera zoom lens mug
Camera Zoom lens Mug
Melting iceberg cup
This is my fav of all - Melting iceberg cup
Stacked cup
Stacked cup

So, which of the Big-bang theory you sport, and which of these mugs did you like the most? Share your choice with me in your comments below.

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