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Trust: How Simple yet complicated is it?

“I trust you and I have full faith in your actions and your decisions. I am with you, so just go ahead!”

Though as simple and magical as these words sound, just as complicated are the possibilities of them coming from someone, right from the core of their hearts. It gets even tougher when people are close to you especially your parents, relatives and spouse.

I’ve always been told right from my childhood, that you must strive to prove your worth to yourself only and no one else. I lived my life following this principle. I’ve a very healthy respect for who I am and what I think and I am nowhere blinded by pride or false self esteem. I am really thankful for my being.

But, does the world see you the same way? May be yes! But, what about the people you love and who love you? I agree they have the rights on your life but does that mean you have to prove yourself in front of them at every simple second of your life?

From my experiences, I sometimes really doubt if the people who love me so much really do trust me at all! Whosoever I’ve ever disclosed my heart and my decisions to, have ALWAYS and ONLY doubted them, even though I’ve again and again proved my decisions to be right. Because deep down in my heart I knew that I was right and they also agree to that, but still I fail to understand the worry and doubt they continue to have all the while again and again. If you too have been experiencing the similar doubts and worries at every step you take then there are two things you can do:

Option 1: Think this to be a vicious circle where you want everyone to be happy and continue doing that while keeping your own thoughts and happiness at bay, and at the end of this life’s journey you feel empty from within with nothing but pain, sorrows and miseries in your heart.


Option 2: You can strive to be yourself and do what you truly believe is right in all the senses; prove yourself again and again to those who doubt you. Though it is a tough step and requires a lot of strong will from within to face all the taunts, bad words and humiliation from those you love, and who love you too but don’t trust you. However, no matter how much you face, you stay true to your heart and respect yourself and your being. At the end you’ll be satisfied with your attempts and with your life and what you’ve achieved.
As far as people are concerned, those who truly love you will stay with you till the end no matter how much they contradict you on your every step. Just be hopeful that someday they’d understand you, trust your actions, believe in you and agree to you too!

I am a strong follower of the second option. Life is too short to regret or be disappointed about anything. Assure that you are not deceiving yourself or anyone else. You must have faith in yourself and trust your instincts and decisiveness. Be confident about your actions which you know are right in all the senses, and happiness and glory will follow your way.

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