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Electric In-floor Heating System – Working and Tips

Electric In-floor Heating System – Working and Tips

Electric In-floor heating systems have become quite popular these days for many home improvement projects. By installing these systems in your home beneath the floors you can easily keep your floors warm and walk barefoot comfortably even in chilled climate. Generally Electric In-floor heating systems work on the principles of a toaster. Electric current passes through the electric wiring and creates heat.

While you choose to install the electric in floor heating system, you need to select between mats and cables. Mats usually are more expensive but relatively simpler in installation even though they cover the area properly and using same amount of watts. You need to carefully take care of the measurements before you select your mats. Cables are comparatively more complicated to install and you need fastening strips for them; however cables are a lot more flexible to install and can be used in rooms of any size and dimension. All you have to do is increase or decrease the wounded loop according to your need.

For the installation of electric in-floor heating systems once you’ve decided on the special woven mats, floor heating cables or panels with built-in wires that can go beneath the floor, these need to be placed properly. After that, these need to be attached to an electrical circuit and controlled using a thermostat. The control enables the electric currents to pass through the cables to heat the floor.

Usually a long electric heating cable is also wound around on the sub floor along with the cable systems and covered with gypsum or concrete cement to create a slab enclosing the cables.

In case you are concerned about the electricity costs, you can choose certain areas of your home like kitchen and bathroom only, that have tiled flooring to install your electric in-floor heating system. If you have an advantage of getting lower electricity rates at peak hours, you can install good thermal mass in your floors that can retain and release heat slowly. Use your electric in floor heating system fully only on peak hours, and let it keep your floors warm for another couple of hours while your floor slowly releases the heat even after your electric in-floor heating is turned off.
Nutritional Benefits of Chia Seeds

Nutritional Benefits of Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are small seeds that have their origin in Mexico and belong to the mint family. Chia seeds contain quite high amount of omega-3 fatty acids and are extremely enriched with anti-oxidants. When consumed, chia seeds form a gel with the stomach liquids. This gel formed by chia seeds can help in soothing heartburn and also in keeping your stomach cool. According to certain experts, chia seeds loosen up the absorption process of carbohydrate in your system, and hence make you feel full for longer duration.

One of the most amazing things that differentiate Chia seeds from other sources for omega-3, is that Chia seeds contains quite less sodium content, hence consumption of chia seeds is definitely beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure problems.

The nutritional benefits of chia seeds can be compared to the major cereals consumed across the world. Chia seeds provide fiber, protein, energy and lipid contents that are much higher than other cereals. Chia seeds are also amazingly enriched with minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and zinc.  

Apart from above nutritional benefits, Chia seeds are excellent sources of antioxidants. The most significant antioxidants present in chia seeds are caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. Apart from these the other important antioxidants present in chia seeds are myricetin, kaempferol and quercetin flavonols. Because of the presence of these anti-oxidants, chia seeds provide quite powerful antioxidant properties as compared to the other similar sources.

The flavor of Chia seeds is nutty. You can consume chia seeds by sprinkling them on your veggies, salads and cereals. You can also add them in your baked cakes, breads and muffins.
Chia seeds may not be easily available at your local grocery stores but now there are online websites where you can buy chiaseeds of high quality and bring this wonder food on your plate. 

World’s No. 1 DJ David Guetta headlines Eristoff Invasion in March 2012

Eristoff Invasion travels to New Delhi on 9th March, Pune on 10th March and Bangalore on 11th March

Grammy Award-winning artist/producer/DJ David Guetta will perform in India for the first time at the second edition of Eristoff Invasion this March. With chart-topping hits like ‘When Love Takes Over’ ‘Gettin Over You’ and ‘Sexy Bitch’, the world’s No. 1 DJ and one the world's foremost music makers, David Guetta will headline Eristoff Invasion March 2012, performing in New Delhi at Huda Grounds on 9th March, in Pune at Amanora Park Town on 10th March and in Bangalore at Palace Grounds on 11th March.

Guetta is a multi-platinum selling artist in Europe and America, with five chart-topping albums to his name - Just a Little More Love (2002), Guetta Blaster (2004) Pop Life (2007), One Love (2009) and Nothing But The Beat (2011).

Guetta's latest album, Nothing But The Beat features 17 guest artists - from hip-hop royalty like Snopp Dogg, Ludacris, Timbaland and Will.I.Am, game-changing rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne to R&B superstars like Usher, Chris Brown and Akon. The album includes the smash hits singles 'Where Them Girls At', 'Little Bad Girl', 'Without You', 'Titanium' and the hot new 'Turn Me On' (feat. Nicki Minaj) plus killer club tracks with Afrojack and Avicii. David Guetta has headlined some of the biggest music festivals in the world including Creamfields and Tomorrowlands and just played to over 2 million fans at one of the world's biggest New Year parties in Brazil on Copacabana Beach.

On his first ever tour in India, David Geutta says, "I'm excited to finally get to play in India. I know my music has been heard and supported for many years, but until now it’s been impossible to get there. This will be a very special tour, I’m sure."

Since its launch, Eristoff, from the house of Bacardi, has been striving to deliver unique experiences to its patrons, such as the Ersitoff Invasion and the Wolf Night parties. In line with the brand's personality of being edgy and bold, Eristoff Invasion is a music festival that brings the best international, contemporary, high-energy acts to India - acts brimming with attitude and personality. The first edition of Eristoff Invasion in January 2011 saw British electro-dance giants The Prodigy headline the festival, which travelled to Bangalore and New Delhi. In its second year, Eristoff Invasion adds Pune to its travel map.

According to Arvind Krishnan, Director Marketing, Bacardi India P.Ltd, "Eristoff has always been a highly evolved and edgy brand globally, and encouraged people to live life more instinctively. Eristoff Invasion provides the ideal environment for them to do just that, especially with David Guetta on stage. After introducing The Prodigy here last year, we are very excited to now bring in David to India for the first time ever, and can promise the audiences across the three cities the most thrilling and memorable experience of their lives."

Says Vijay Nair, CEO of Only Much Louder,"Eristoff Invasion is about exhilarating live music experiences. We look for acts that aren't just cutting-edge and contemporary, but also great performers. David Guetta is one of the most incredible artists in the world to not just listen to, but also experience live. I'm personally incredibly excited to watch him live, and also to bring the Eristoff Invasion experience to Pune for the first time."

Zak Biddu, CEO of UKNY Music adds, " David Guetta is the No.1 DJ and one of the most played and celebrated artists in the world. To bring him to India at this time is fantastic for Eristoff Invasion. His festival performances are groundbreaking and I cannot wait for these shows! "

The festival is organised by Only Much Louder in partnership with UKNY Music, a leading UK-based music and events company.

Eristoff Invasion March 2012: 

Tickets now on sale

Ticket prices:
Delhi: Rs 2,000
Pune: Rs 2,000
Bangalore: Rs. 1,950

Log on to: www.eristoffinvasion.in 

Show Timings:

9th March: New Delhi
Huda Grounds

10th March: Pune
Amanora Park Town

11th March: Bangalore
Palace Grounds

Change is Constant

Change is Constant

One thing that I've noticed that never changes all through our lives is - Change. There is always something or the other around us that just keeps on moving back and forth. Isn't it rightly said that we are vibrational beings? We keep on changing in form, shape, location and so happen with the things around us as well. The only change that we notice the most is - Time!

My life is also no exception to this rule. It has been a roller-coaster ride already till now, with its own share of twists and turns, and ups and downs. However, these changes have only made me better as they came and transformed to another change. I somehow feel that "Change" is also a form of energy - it can neither be created, nor be destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another!"
Anyways, I am just thankful for whatever I am today and all that I've got so far. It has been one amazing adventurous ride and I look forward to a great time ahead as well. I remember reading a quote long time back, which goes like this -

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOOHOO - What a Ride!"
- Attributed to an octogenarian named Mavis Leyrer, of Seattle

Life is too precious to be wasted in compromising on things we don't really want. I believe in going where your passion takes you. I've always lived that way and that is what I am going to do now too.

After a long and tiring journey of corporate life and its politics, I am saying it a quit and going forward to another phase of my life. I am going to take my passion as my profession now and test myself where my true abilities lie.

I can't promise anything to myself as of now, except for the fact that I'd try to give it my best shot; rest only time will tell. I remember someone asked me once - "What should I do? Should I do something I am good at or something I really love to do?" and my answer to her was -
"Do what you love to do, because your passion will drive you in that and you will eventually become good in doing that. Excellence comes from passion and a vision that makes you push your limits so that you can build your road to success. There is no freeway for it."

So, here I am leaving my freeway journey and going to explore a different way for myself. All I can say now is I hope I do well! :)

Wish you a Happy New Year - 2012

Here, let me first wish you a very Happy, Prosperous and Successful 2012 ahead. I had a beautiful New Year celebration this time, as my lovely younger sister came to visit me 5 days back and we had a great fun time together - shopping, eating out, roaming, watching movies, dancing and gossiping. My New Year eve was spent at home with her, as we danced crazily on all weird songs. The first day of the year too was gone in shopping and eating out.

I remember I published a post here stating my resolutions for year 2011, around same time a year back. I am quite surprised and amazed to have such a fruitful 2011 and I managed to live up to most of my resolutions too. Let us check them back, before I move on to the new list of resolutions for year 2012. :)


- Get a hair makeover (my hair has become too dull and boring)                     
- Get fit and healthy (This has to be done by anyways, ok! no stress!..relax)
   Done to some level, still a lot needs to be done.
- Get into a house, I can call "My home". I am tired of living in what you can call a hotel room since past 1.5 years now.
   Done and now moving to a new home too!! :)
- Get married - This has been extended since past 2 years now.
- Spend some more time in quality reading and writing.
Done: All thanks to flipkart.com, I got my hands on some really amazing books to read and include in my collection.

Now, coming to what I need to do in year 2012:

- Get fit and healthy (This is getting carried forward from 2011. Though I got some level of success in this task, I still need to work a bit more on it.)

- Leave my current job and work towards my passion and be successful in it (More details will follow as the time proceeds, I've already left my current job and currently in a transition phase to move towards working on my own, on what I love to do.)

- Get my dream car (Of course I am not talking about Bugatti Veyron or Mercedes Benz or BMW, but something I know I'd definitely be able to own and would love to be in it. Will update you as soon as I get one!! :) )

- Start with my sketching and paintings. (It has been ages, since I made one. My colors have dried up too now, so need to get some new and start with them.

- Learn to cook some real nice recipes like cooking some kebabs and other non veg recipes (for hubby's choice of taste!) and baking chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, cookies etc. :)

As of now, these are the only resolutions in mind. More might come as the time and life goes ahead. The only thing that I'd aim to keep consistent is to keep life simple and happy!

Once again wish you an awesome year ahead! :)

Many Blessings


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