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Change is Constant

One thing that I've noticed that never changes all through our lives is - Change. There is always something or the other around us that just keeps on moving back and forth. Isn't it rightly said that we are vibrational beings? We keep on changing in form, shape, location and so happen with the things around us as well. The only change that we notice the most is - Time!
My life is also no exception to this rule. It has been a roller-coaster ride already till now, with its own share of twists and turns, and ups and downs. However, these changes have only made me better as they came and transformed to another change. I somehow feel that "Change" is also a form of energy - it can neither be created, nor be destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another!" Anyways, I am just thankful for whatever I am today and all that I've got so far. It has been one amazing adventurous ride and I look forward to a great time ahead as well. I remember reading a quote …

Wish you a Happy New Year - 2012

Here, let me first wish you a very Happy, Prosperous and Successful 2012 ahead. I had a beautiful New Year celebration this time, as my lovely younger sister came to visit me 5 days back and we had a great fun time together - shopping, eating out, roaming, watching movies, dancing and gossiping. My New Year eve was spent at home with her, as we danced crazily on all weird songs. The first day of the year too was gone in shopping and eating out.
I remember I published a post here stating my resolutions for year 2011, around same time a year back. I am quite surprised and amazed to have such a fruitful 2011 and I managed to live up to most of my resolutions too. Let us check them back, before I move on to the new list of resolutions for year 2012. :)
- Get a hair makeover (my hair has become too dull and boring)          Done! - Get fit and healthy (This has to be done by anyways, ok! no stress!..relax)    Done to some level, still a lot needs to be done. - Get into a house, I can ca…