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Fun facts about chairs

Chairs hold an important place in the list of necessary inventions. We simply can not think of our lives without them, can we?

According to the below infographic, chairs found throughout the world have dated back to as early as 2B.C. found in the Mediterranean.

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In Medieval times, cushions or chair pads were used to ease the hardness of the wooden stool or chair. These pads not only provided the desired comfort but also came in a variety of colorful patterns and colors. The pads were used in both poor and wealthy homes.

It was the legendary Charles Darwin who added wheels to his chair so that he could get his specimens quicker while in his study. Apart from many things, I believe we, especially the office people should thank Darwin for this particular invention as well.

In the Gothic times, chairs were used as the seats for the clergy in the churches. The ornate designs of these chairs were inspired from the nature. As the fabric covers got added to the chairs, the most promin…

Top 5 Classic Games for Family Fun Night

A good family bonding requires the presence of each family member, and spending a fun family night once in a fortnight can be an excellent way to strengthen that bond. In today's fast paced life, with our daily work obligations and social networking frenzy, the time we spend with our families has really crunched down.

Therefore, it becomes even more important to plan a family get together weekly or bi-weekly. There are many ways in which you can spend fun time with your family, a few of which I mentioned in an article HERE.

My personal favorite way to spend a great family fun night is to play games. There are certain board and card games which have been played since a very long time, and are still as fresh and interesting for enjoying time together, irrespective of what age group you belong to.
Check out an interesting infographic below that states some amazing facts about some of the popular family board games:

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Let us have a look at my top 5 favourite family games belo…

Tips to Help you Bring Romance in your Marriage

Tips to Help you Bring Romance in Marriage
Life can become a lot different after few years of marriage, particularly after having kids. It is usual for the couples to let other things take toll over their lives, while their romance takes a back stage. For keeping the marriage successful it is important to proactively work on keeping the spark up between you and your partner.

Many times, just failing to do little things can pile up the bitterness in the relationship and can lead to heartbreaking results such as a divorce. Check out an infographic below that showcases some statistics on divorce cases in the US:

In the US, around 41% of the first marriages end in divorce. The percentage goes alarmingly up with around 60% of second marriages and around 73% of third marriages ending up in divorce. The divorce rate among couples with children is 40% lower than couples without children. And out of all states, Oklahoma has the highest divorce rate of 32%.

Such alarming stati…

Things to do a Week before Home Moving

Moving to a new location can be a big decision for many, especially for those who have to move with their families. You might have looked over all the factors that can get impacted because of your move, and how you will manage to cope up with the change.
However, once you've decided to go for the move, it becomes important to plan your activities much ahead in time, so that you don't face rough situations on the day of moving.

Check out an interesting infographic below stating some of the stuffs you need to know prior to preparing your move:

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While moving your family to a long-distance location, if each of your family member packs a suitcase with their own personal essentials then it makes the job of packing quite easy, smooth and fun. Valuables like cash, jewelry, photos and important documents should be packed to travel with you and not with movers.

Listed below are a couple of important things that you can include in your checklist for things-to-do a week (or prob…

Things to consider before Relocating for a Job

Relocating to a new place along with your family, requires a lot of efforts, and brings a lot of changes in your social, professional as well as personal life.

Check out an interesting infographic below:

Graphic Citation

Relocation may help you save a few bucks on your taxes, e.g. if you are moving over 50 miles away from your old residence, you may be eligible to get some tax deductions.

However, you need to consider a lot of things before deciding on whether to relocate or not. You can not simply agree doing it just because your employer wants you to work there or you are just frustrated with your current boss, want to quit and consider a new job. You need to seriously think over a lot of factors that might get affected if you agree to relocate for a job.

Let us have a look at some of these factors below:
1) How will relocation affect your spouse and kids?

If you are single, then choosing to relocate to a new location becomes a lot easier. However, if you are married and have kids, yo…

Tips to Easily Manage your Tools for Home Repair

Owning a house and living in it, definitely has its own merits and demerits. While you don't have to bother about your house landlord breathing down your neck for every month's rent, you certainly have certain other things to worry about while living in your own home.
Taking care of each and every inch of your home may feel like a burden initially, and if you are living in a location that faces extreme climates throughout the year, you may need to get your home repair work done more frequently.

Check below an interesting infographic about home repair trend in America

Image Source

Why is it necessary to learn Do-It-Yourself Home Repair?

Around 64% of American home owners don't have $1000 savings for home repairs. 1 in 5 home owners say they put off completing repairs on their home, and around 39% of home owners say it is hard to find a reliable repair service.

It is always good to take care of that minor leakage or that small dent in their initial phases, otherwise the proble…

Additional Costs to look for in Long Distance Home Moving

Home moving requires a great amount of planning, especially when it is a long distance moving. You need to take care of a lot of factors like the size and dimensions of your new home, all the goods to move, wrapping up all the pending tasks at your current location, time and season of the year and access to the new location etc.

Even if you have done a good amount of homework searching for the best packing and moving company that can do the job within your defined budget, there are certain costs which might come up in addition to what your packing and moving company quotes. Let us have a look at the following information below:

It is always advisable to show all your goods to your packing and moving company to get an accurate estimate of your moving expenses. In addition to this amount, there are certain other expenses you can expect to see, some of which are listed below:

1) Insurance: For long distance move (and even for short distance ones!), you might have to pa…

Military Housing Tips - Things to check before Purchasing a House off-base

While getting deployed to a particular military location, it becomes important to decide whether you'd like to buy a house or rent it. Though both the options have their share of advantages and disadvantages, it depends largely on your financial position, location of deployment and certain other preferences. Check out some interesting info below:

Let us first have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both Renting vs. Buying a home off-base.
Renting a home
1) A rent is generally comparatively lesser than the monthly mortgage amount for the similar house.  2) You don't have to take responsibility for house repairs or maintenance.  3) The initial deposit for renting a house is considerably lesser than the down payment needed to purchase the similar house.  4) Adding a military clause in your lease agreement can allow you to break the contract in your terms in case of further deployment.
1) You don't get to earn prof…

Tips on Saving Money on Home Moving

When it comes to moving your family with your household stuffs from one location to another because of your job change or transfer, it becomes a great deal getting the whole activity done without a hitch. You literally need to shift and settle down all over again each time you move.

Many times you may not get the same square feet of house at the new location. You need to dump a few stuffs in order to settle in your new home so that you don't feel like staying in a cloak room. You are either left with an option to sell some of your stuffs ( Oh! But I loved that sofa so much, I got it designed myself! I don't want to sell it!  ), or keep them safe somewhere till you find a new bigger home to stay. Well, storage services are designed for rescue you in such situations. You can easily pack and keep your bigger stuffs safe in these storage houses for some period of time. Nowadays you get packing, moving and storage services at amazing deals that offer guarantee jobs done.

In case yo…

My Idea of a Perfect Road Trip goes from Barmana to Manali

One of the most amazing childhood memories that I have is the one in which my dad used to take me on long drive at night, especially after dinner. He used to take me to the petrol pump nearest to our house (around 2-3 KMs away from our home, on the Shimla-Manali National highway!), get me an ice cream (because that was the only place near to our home where we could get ice cream!) and then take me to the bridge crossing Satluj river.

The whole place just looked thousand times more majestic, grand and out of the world at night. Small lights twinkling from houses on the dark hills would look like jewels and crystals scattered on a super huge pitch dark magical flying carpet! The view of the river from the bridge was indeed scary at night, but equally breathtaking and awesome too!

Add to all this, the soft car fragrance lingering in the interiors of the car (I remember my dad had always kept a soft and relaxing car fragrance, irrespective of how many cars he changed to!), lovely music b…

Trying to Catch Water...Can you?

Life has been going on a quite rapid pace, and as I see my son Abhiraj growing up so fast, time certainly feels like a blur! Anyways, I've got a new camera and have been experimenting a lot with it, mostly to catch my son in action. I wonder why babies do everything so fast. My son moves his legs so fast that I can bet any adult would never be able to keep up the pace with him for more than 5 minutes. Seems like, this is the way babies vent out their burst of energy.

Keeping this energy part aside, what Abhiraj enjoys most in the entire day is his bath time. These days, he is able to sit on his own in his bath tub and enjoys being splashed with water. I had most fun when he tried to catch the flowing water for the first time. Its always so much fun to see his fascination towards the flowing water and how he tries to catch it with his fingers again and again, every day. I captured a few shots of him doing this. Check them out below:

Clickety Click - Mornings

My son Abhiraj is usually most peaceful in mornings, may be because of a long night sleep. And I love to make his videos or click his piccys at this time, because even I am relatively happier in the mornings as compared to any other time of the day. No wonder, breakfast is my favorite supper. I usually have a peanut butter sandwich and one cup milk in the morning, or egg on bread and milk, or Cornflakes and milk.

Anyways, what I think makes a morning so beautiful, is the fact that I look forward to a promising day ahead, feel thankful about the previous day's achievements, and let go of all previous bitterness.

Wouldn't life be as wonderful as mornings, if we follow the same rule for every moment we live? Just a thought! :)


These days I am quite glued to watching TLC channel so much, that it has become my default channel now. I watch almost everything that gets aired on the channel, even the re-runs. Most of them are cookery shows, or reality contests on cooking such as Chuck's day off, Everyday exotic, The big food truck race, Family food fight, Ultimate Cake off, Fabulous cakes etc. The only show that I usually skip watching is the "Tattoo" show. I absolutely love the travel shows they air and can watch them for hours.

I've always loved watching cookery shows. I remember when the first such show was aired on Zee tv. It was "Khana Khazaana" by Sanjeev Kapoor. I was a kid and simply loved watching the way he used to cook, the utensils, the sight of the food being cooked. Funny thing is, I don't enjoy cooking that much. I hardly ever note down any of the recipes and even forget the dishes as soon as the show gets over.

Anyways, so coming back to now, even thoug…

Being a Mother

I think it has been almost a year since I published anything about myself here on my blog. And now when I thought of writing here again, I am in loss of words and couldn't find any place to start from. Doesn't it always happen with us? Writing here right now is exactly like meeting my best friend of school days after a decade. You just feel a bit of awkwardness in breaking the ice. Well, since I've already written a couple of sentences now, I think I can go with the flow. What say?

Life has been a roller coaster ride since past few months. I got blessed with a beautiful baby boy in October 2012, and now I can actually feel the "super hard work" my mom would have done in raising me. I seriously feel, if mothers start getting payment for their work, every mom would be a millionaire in no time. However, it is all rewarding since the payment I have been getting in this role is eternal bliss, feeling of being complete, loads of smiles, an excitement to see something …