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These days I am quite glued to watching TLC channel so much, that it has become my default channel now. I watch almost everything that gets aired on the channel, even the re-runs. Most of them are cookery shows, or reality contests on cooking such as Chuck's day off, Everyday exotic, The big food truck race, Family food fight, Ultimate Cake off, Fabulous cakes etc. The only show that I usually skip watching is the "Tattoo" show. I absolutely love the travel shows they air and can watch them for hours.

I've always loved watching cookery shows. I remember when the first such show was aired on Zee tv. It was "Khana Khazaana" by Sanjeev Kapoor. I was a kid and simply loved watching the way he used to cook, the utensils, the sight of the food being cooked. Funny thing is, I don't enjoy cooking that much. I hardly ever note down any of the recipes and even forget the dishes as soon as the show gets over.

Anyways, so coming back to now, even though I don't follow any particular schedules in any of the TV shows, these days I've been religiously following the show "Nigellissima" on TLC - India channel, where celebrity cook, food and recipe book writer Nigella Lawson showcases some of her Italian recipes. I absolutely love watching her cook the food and talk about it. The whole set up, her personality, her voice, the way she speaks and her aura in whole makes the show so magical, that you simply want to sit, relax and watch her. The show is aired daily on TLC channel from Monday to Friday at 10 pm, but I generally watch the re-run next morning at 10 AM.

Usually the show is followed by any of the old episodes of "Nigella Express" or "Nigella Feasts", and I love to watch them as well. As Nigella says, cooking food is therapeutic for her. For me, watching her cook is kind of a therapeutic activity, as for the whole one hour I sit in front of television, and mentally get transported to her kitchen, cooking the delicious meals with her. One reason that I think makes watching the show so relaxing might be that Nigella mostly cooks what you call "Comfort food". Her recipes show lots of butter, chocolates, deep fried stuffs, which I know I'd not make in anyway. Just watching the chicken breast sizzle in hot oil, chocolate  sauce dripping on fluffy, spongy chocolate cake and a whole can of Hazelnut-chocolate paste going into a dish makes the view luscious enough.
To all this add the gorgeous Nigella Lawson with her awesome makeup, long lashes and dreamy voice - you are set to feel good no matter what.

Nigella Lawson

Do you follow her shows? Do let me know any of your favorite recipes that you've taken from her shows and tried it. :)

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Being a Mother

I think it has been almost a year since I published anything about myself here on my blog. And now when I thought of writing here again, I am in loss of words and couldn't find any place to start from. Doesn't it always happen with us? Writing here right now is exactly like meeting my best friend of school days after a decade. You just feel a bit of awkwardness in breaking the ice. Well, since I've already written a couple of sentences now, I think I can go with the flow. What say?

Life has been a roller coaster ride since past few months. I got blessed with a beautiful baby boy in October 2012, and now I can actually feel the "super hard work" my mom would have done in raising me. I seriously feel, if mothers start getting payment for their work, every mom would be a millionaire in no time. However, it is all rewarding since the payment I have been getting in this role is eternal bliss, feeling of being complete, loads of smiles, an excitement to see something new and astonishing every day and pure love.

My son - Abhiraj

Though I am a full time mother and house wife now, I have still continued working on my beauty blog as and when I get time and energy to do so. My freelance writing work has taken a backstage for the time being and I am in no hurry to go back to it. Funny thing is, even after staying away from my IT life, I don't miss it at all. Sometimes, when I remember my life being a software engineer, those 8 years feel like somewhere from my previous birth or past life or whatever you call that.

Life has been a constant change for me, and I think that is what makes it so exciting. However, I must admit that sometimes all the turmoil drains you off of your energy and peace of mind, and you need to find the focus to set yourself up again. Earlier I used to do that while listening to some of my favorite trance tracks, but now it isn't possible coz I have to keep my eyes and ears open all the time for any call from my little one. So, I simply close my eyes, lie down beside him with his hand touching mine and try to calm down doing deep breathing exercises.

Do you follow any particular exercise to find your inner peace? Share yours with me in your comments below. I might get benefit from that. :)

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