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These days I am quite glued to watching TLC channel so much, that it has become my default channel now. I watch almost everything that gets aired on the channel, even the re-runs. Most of them are cookery shows, or reality contests on cooking such as Chuck's day off, Everyday exotic, The big food truck race, Family food fight, Ultimate Cake off, Fabulous cakes etc. The only show that I usually skip watching is the "Tattoo" show. I absolutely love the travel shows they air and can watch them for hours.

I've always loved watching cookery shows. I remember when the first such show was aired on Zee tv. It was "Khana Khazaana" by Sanjeev Kapoor. I was a kid and simply loved watching the way he used to cook, the utensils, the sight of the food being cooked. Funny thing is, I don't enjoy cooking that much. I hardly ever note down any of the recipes and even forget the dishes as soon as the show gets over.

Anyways, so coming back to now, even thoug…

Being a Mother

I think it has been almost a year since I published anything about myself here on my blog. And now when I thought of writing here again, I am in loss of words and couldn't find any place to start from. Doesn't it always happen with us? Writing here right now is exactly like meeting my best friend of school days after a decade. You just feel a bit of awkwardness in breaking the ice. Well, since I've already written a couple of sentences now, I think I can go with the flow. What say?

Life has been a roller coaster ride since past few months. I got blessed with a beautiful baby boy in October 2012, and now I can actually feel the "super hard work" my mom would have done in raising me. I seriously feel, if mothers start getting payment for their work, every mom would be a millionaire in no time. However, it is all rewarding since the payment I have been getting in this role is eternal bliss, feeling of being complete, loads of smiles, an excitement to see something …