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My Idea of a Perfect Road Trip goes from Barmana to Manali

One of the most amazing childhood memories that I have is the one in which my dad used to take me on long drive at night, especially after dinner. He used to take me to the petrol pump nearest to our house (around 2-3 KMs away from our home, on the Shimla-Manali National highway!), get me an ice cream (because that was the only place near to our home where we could get ice cream!) and then take me to the bridge crossing Satluj river.

The whole place just looked thousand times more majestic, grand and out of the world at night. Small lights twinkling from houses on the dark hills would look like jewels and crystals scattered on a super huge pitch dark magical flying carpet! The view of the river from the bridge was indeed scary at night, but equally breathtaking and awesome too!

Add to all this, the soft car fragrance lingering in the interiors of the car (I remember my dad had always kept a soft and relaxing car fragrance, irrespective of how many cars he changed to!), lovely music b…

Trying to Catch Water...Can you?

Life has been going on a quite rapid pace, and as I see my son Abhiraj growing up so fast, time certainly feels like a blur! Anyways, I've got a new camera and have been experimenting a lot with it, mostly to catch my son in action. I wonder why babies do everything so fast. My son moves his legs so fast that I can bet any adult would never be able to keep up the pace with him for more than 5 minutes. Seems like, this is the way babies vent out their burst of energy.

Keeping this energy part aside, what Abhiraj enjoys most in the entire day is his bath time. These days, he is able to sit on his own in his bath tub and enjoys being splashed with water. I had most fun when he tried to catch the flowing water for the first time. Its always so much fun to see his fascination towards the flowing water and how he tries to catch it with his fingers again and again, every day. I captured a few shots of him doing this. Check them out below: