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Fun facts about chairs

Chairs hold an important place in the list of necessary inventions. We simply can not think of our lives without them, can we?

According to the below infographic, chairs found throughout the world have dated back to as early as 2B.C. found in the Mediterranean.

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In Medieval times, cushions or chair pads were used to ease the hardness of the wooden stool or chair. These pads not only provided the desired comfort but also came in a variety of colorful patterns and colors. The pads were used in both poor and wealthy homes.

It was the legendary Charles Darwin who added wheels to his chair so that he could get his specimens quicker while in his study. Apart from many things, I believe we, especially the office people should thank Darwin for this particular invention as well.

In the Gothic times, chairs were used as the seats for the clergy in the churches. The ornate designs of these chairs were inspired from the nature. As the fabric covers got added to the chairs, the most promin…