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Heropanti movie review

Hi friends,

How did your weekend go? Mine was pretty relaxed and all I did was read books and detoxify myself. After spending two super lazy days, I thought of doing something productive and hence went to watch Heropanti.. :D, the latest bollywood flick featuring Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon. Did I like it? Probably yes...and though there were lots of good and not-so-great and some pretty lame parts about the movie, it surprisingly manages to pull off well.

I am no movie critic and I don't care about their opinion either. I am just telling you my honest opinion as one of the public who happened to watch this movie.

Heropanti movie review

What's the movie about?

'Heropanti' is the story of two young conflicting protagonists, and their battles with society.

My opinion about the movie

Heropanti truly stands true to its typical Bollywood-ish name.It is a full masala entertainer. You can simply sit in the hall munching on popcorns and enjoy a bit of everything right from drama, light humour, serious action, awesome music, superb dance, a bit of romance and emotional dialoguebaazi in the movie. The story is quite predictable and almost repetitive but the new faces - Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon, make it all look fresh and more enjoyable than it could be otherwise.

Tiger Shroff steals the show as he shows off his Heropanti with his charming chocolate boy looks, a laid back attitude, light humour, pleasant smile, flexing of muscles, a perfect body, incredible dance moves and some real bone breaking stunts. Kriti looks gorgeous in almost all the scenes and is a pleasure to watch on screen. As debutant actors, they both have worked sincerely and look promising for sure.

Other actors have also given decent performances and I particularly liked the performance of Prakash Raj as Choudhary - the girl's father. The way he showcased anger, vulnerability, concern, helplessness, violence and warning just through his eyes and expressions was simply astounding. Definitely a fine actor I must say.

All in all, Heropanti is just like an old wine in a new bottle. And you even get to raise the toast in two brand new and fresh glasses in terms of both lead actors that are going to stay here for a long time. Good for one time watch, and if you get charmed by Tiger Shroff (which is most likely to happen!), you can give it multiple go's as well. It definitely is a paisa vasool!

Rating: 4/5
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How to Find Your Personal Strength when the going gets Tough

Experiencing challenging phases in life can really test your mettle.When you encounter those bumps in the road, how do you react?
Are you able to deal effectively with these challenges without going to pieces? Could you use some help in finding your inner strength?

Try these ideas to tap in to your personal reserves whenever the going gets tough:

1. Take some time to ponder the present dilemma.

What do you see as the real issue? Are you making a mountain out of a mole-hill? How can you focus your efforts on the current event that's troubling you?

2. Acknowledge your fears about the vexing situation.

Before you can show resilience to move forward, it's important to recognize any fears that have a bearing on your current circumstances.Ignoring them will only stop you from confronting the issue.

3. Consider every option.

Writing down your options for overcoming your challenge will help you see the situation from all angles.- Brainstorming as many solutions as you can is a great start to finding a workable option.
- Be open-minded. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to not automatically screen out possible solutions to a sticky wicket.Every viable possibility should be considered.
- Considering every possible solution indicates you have the resilience to succeed.

4. Approach the challenge with positivity.

It may sound over-simplified, but you can either approach a stumbling block thinking, "I don't think I'm going to survive it" or "I'm going to do my best and make my way through this situation."
Taking a positive outlook will compel you to move forward through the crisis. Be optimistic!

5. Avoid looking too far ahead.

Focus on what's going on in this moment.Sometimes, it helps to make it through 1 hour at a time.
Concentrate your energy on what you can do in the here and now.

6. Pray.

Draw from your religious faith to help you through. Spirituality regularly assists millions of people to live consistently healthy, happy lives. Perhaps finding faith would bring you the inner strength you desire.

7. Seek emotional support from those you love.

Any troubling event is easier to navigate through when you feel the love and support from someone close to you. Bolster your "resilience reservoir" by getting a little help from your friends and family members.
- Although it might be difficult for you to reach out and say, "I'm struggling," look at it this way: your loved ones will feel better if you give them opportunities to be there for you. Accept the loving and supportive care that your loved ones are so willing to provide. You'll likely have a chance in the future to reciprocate.

8. Soothe your spirit.

What calms you down, makes you feel at peace and brings you simple joy? Take time to participate in your favorite activities to soothe your frayed emotions.
Taking a walk in the woods, swimming a few laps at the pool, or doing a hand craft or hobby at home can be one of the most self-soothing things you can do when you're experiencing a tricky life phase.

9. Embrace your strength.

Remember that your strength has pulled you through many crises in the past. Have confidence that it can continue to bolster you through many more.Life can be exhilarating, interesting, and challenging.When you encounter a block in your path, allow your resilience to shine through.

These strategies can help you draw on your inner strength to live a meaningful, enriched existence, no matter what type of challenge you encounter.Hope you find these useful!

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