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You Might Be A Chocoholic If …

Are you a chocoholic? Answer these questions to help find out.

chocoholic (def): an individual who has or claims to have an dependency to chocolate
If you will have greater than 2 secret stashes of chocolate candy, you could be a chocoholic. (Be sincere.)

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas For Children

I had a taste of Halloween fun during my stay at New York and it was quite different experience for me. Getting decked up in weird and fancy attires can be quite fun and at the same time creative. The trend has somehow started in India as well, at certain places only. I hope it spreads fast and soon. Who wouldn't want another celebration to add to long list of festivities we have in India during this season.
Kids, especially enjoy Halloween the most. I'd seen kids collecting loads of chocolates via their "Trick or treat" walk around the blocks. If you are planning to let your kid join the group this Halloween, here are some ideas for the Halloween costumes.

Homemade costumes are can be a lot of fun and cost-effective option. Plus, if you involve your children in creating the homemade costumes, the results will be worth more than any store-bought costume.

Here are some inexpensive, homemade Halloween costume ideas that will cost little money and show lots of imaginat…

How did I fix Windows 10 issues

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I've been getting many unwanted, weird and unknown issues on my laptop. Some of these are listed below:

1) Volume suddenly going off and no matter what I do to the sound configuration, it stays off for as long as the laptop is on.

2) Start menu not working

3) Microsoft Edge (The "new" internet explorer) not opening

4) Cut/Copy paste not working. And by that I mean no Control + C and Control + V, No right click
"Copy" "Paste" thing happening at all.

Needless to say, I panicked the first time I encountered any of these issues. I browsed a lot through all the technology forums and could read various solutions from different users - like restarting in safe mode, uninstalling some applications like avast, doing some registry changes in msconfig etc.